As a business using the internet to gain further custom and expand awareness, it is likely that you’ll have been informed about the benefits of social media marketing and also the need to incorporate various keywords to enhance your SEO.

Whilst both of the above are true, businesses looking to enhance their SEO or social media shouldn’t incorporate the keywords within the copy on a whim, nor should they create relevant social media platforms, carry out a little bit of work and then leave them to dissolve.

Instead, when running both an SEO campaign and a social media marketing campaign, it is important to be spend the time on a weekly, if not daily basis, working on and improving the content, to ensure you and your business receive the best possible results.

Even when you reach the top of Google (SEO) or your followers count on Twitter reaches thousands and / or millions you need to continue with the hard work, to remain on top.

Along with carrying out continuous hard work on both your SEO and social media campaigns, as a business it is important not to view the two as two separate entities, as a recent study has proven.

The study in question, looked at a large number of tweets containing URLs, and the findings which have recently been published have highlighted that social media and SEO go hand in hand – as many who work within SEO and social media anticipated.

The study, which is considered to be the biggest of its kind, found that there is a strong correlation between the amount of tweets about a URL and its Google ranking; with the results showing that the more tweets a URL receives, the higher it appears within the Google ranking.

Whilst this may sound all well and good from the outset for your business, and you may be considering getting your clients and employees to retweet updates which link back to a commercial page or a business blog, the results are slightly more complicated.

Following analysis of the study, the positive effects remain minimal until around 5,000 tweets with the link, although URLs receiving over 7,500 tweets almost always rank inside the top five results on Google.

Understandably, as a small to medium sized accountancy or solicitors firm targeting a specific area within the UK, you may feel that the findings from this study cannot benefit your SEO rankings, as you don’t have that wide a reach.

However, the findings highlight more than the benefit of social media on SEO rankings; they also show the importance of a well planned, active and engaging social media marketing campaign and how it can increase your SEO rankings.

If for one moment we push aside the rankings on Google, the study shows how the basic principals of a social media campaign can help improve the reach businesses of all shapes and sizes, in all sectors and throughout all areas of the world have via the internet.
Some of the basics which all businesses need to ensure they do the moment they create a social media presence, whether it is on one platform or a selection, include:

• Add the social media widgets onto the websites
• Issue a press release announcing you’re on social media
• Engage with an audience

Adding Social Media Widgets:

When we talk about adding the social media widgets, we don’t mean just add the logos at the bottom of the page, where relatively few people look.

Instead, we suggest adding the widgets above the fold on the homepage, and then within the right hand column of each page on the website. If you have a separate blog site, the widgets should also be added above the fold on this.

In addition to adding the widgets to all pages of your website, you should also add them to the email signatures of all staff.


By incorporating the social media widgets on all website pages as well as the email signatures, you are automatically reaching an audience and promoting your social media platforms, without carrying out any additional work on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

This is beneficial because clients and your target audience aren’t necessarily going to go and search for your business on any of these platforms; but if they know via your website or emails that you are on social media, they are more likely to visit your social media pages and follow you / your business.

Issue a Press Release:

A press release doesn’t have to be wordy. All that is required is to inform your audience that your business is now using social media, details of the platforms you’re using (i.e. your Twitter handle e.g. @jeconsulting) and what they can expect from your social media performance.

Once the press release has been penned, send it to your main clients so they are aware that you’re using social media – again, if they know you are on social media, they are more likely to visit your social media pages and follow you / your business.

Whilst the above two “basics” should be carried out as soon as your social media marketing has begun, the latter needs to be done on a weekly, ideally daily, basis – and it is this last “basic” which will help boost your SEO – although it is worth remembering it will take time and hard work.

Engage with your Audience:

Engaging with your audience is one of the main elements of all social media platforms, and the power of engagement shouldn’t be ignored.

By correctly engaging with your audience, from retweeting / sharing updates they post which are relevant with your business, through to answering questions, offering advice or pointing them in the right direction, it all counts to creating a good following and a successful social media campaign.

When we’re talk about engagement with your audience, we don’t mean spending hours a day on each platform looking for audience members to engage in. Instead, offering general advice via an update or checking your “mentions” and “comments” in the morning and before the end of the day, and responding to any comments can be as powerful, if not more so than spending every waking hour on the platforms.

Engagement will also help to build your social media following, which in turn will help with retweets, mentions and shares, which as touched upon above, can influence and improve your SEO.

In a nutshell, your social media marketing campaign and your SEO campaign, should be considered to be an intermingled never ending circle, which work together to improve your online marketing.

If you require help improving your SEO, social media or web presence, why not consider the services offered by JE Consulting.

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