There is no denying that since Facebook reached the UK in September 2005, social media has played an important role in both how we receive information and how we communicate with each other – both as individuals and within a professional capacity.

Whilst many social media platforms have come and gone (and some have even come again), over the last nine years, social media has gone from strength to strength; but the industry is still considered to be within its infancy, and this is evident from the over changing outlook of the various platforms which are currently the most popular with users.

However, whilst social media is still relatively new, businesses across all sectors have begun to utilise the power of social media within their marketing strategy, in an attempt to attract new customers and reaching out to existing clients – and accountants and solicitors are no different; as the results of two studies conducted earlier this year have revealed.

According to the data compiled following the results of a survey, which involved in excess of 1,000 accountants, over a third of those within the profession visit a social media platform at least once during their working day; whilst over 25 percent visit social media platforms several times a day within their professional capacity.

The findings of the research, have also revealed the platforms which are popular amongst the profession, with the latest figures suggesting that as many as 67 percent of accountants use LinkedIn for work purposes; compared to 18 percent using Twitter, and only 12 percent using Facebook.

In addition, the data has revealed that 10 percent of accountants are blogging as part of their daily role, in an attempt to attract and interact with customers and potential clients – and, at JE Consulting, as content marketing continues to improve in popularity, we believe that this figure will rise over the coming 12 to 18 months.

A second study, which looked at the social media habits of solicitors, found that as with accountants, they are also using various platforms within their working day, with usage increasing.

The results of the solicitors’ survey suggest that 54 percent of solicitors are now using LinkedIn, whilst 19 percent are using Twitter. As with accountants, the number of solicitors using Facebook has fallen, to 15 percent.

Whilst the two studies have revealed that social media usage amongst solicitors and accountants has increased; for those who are looking to ensure that they are making the most of their presence within various social media platforms – including blogging – the marketing specialists here at JE Consulting can assist.

We provide a comprehensive range of marketing services, including a professional social media marketing service, which enables clients to have an active present on various social media platforms, whilst keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments within the industry.

To find out how JE Consulting can help take your social media strategy to the next level, join “Social Media Marketing for Accountants & Solicitors” group today via: – or come and talk to the JE Consulting team.

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