A business’s position on Google can have a significant impact on its ability to attract new instructions and clients, especially as businesses and consumers become ever more reliant on digital services.

Research suggests that a business in position one, on page one, is likely to enjoy organic click-through rates of around 36.5 per cent.

This drops significantly for those in position two, who only have a 12.5 per cent click-through rate – and from there on it only gets worse for those lower down the rankings.

A fabled first position on page one is, therefore, every business’s dream but this is not always easy to achieve, especially given the competition that many businesses face.

Many techniques can improve your ranking though and this is where the assistance of an experienced SEO specialist can help.

Our team have put together a list of some of the techniques and steps that businesses can take to increase their chance of reaching the top:

Keywords – The use of specific words related to your business, the services it offers and its location have a big impact on how your web pages are recognised by Google. A higher keyword density greatly improves your chances of getting ranked higher, especially where the most important keywords feature prominently at the top of your page.

Localisation – Google also bases its search results on the location of a business. If a person is searching in Oxford for solicitors’ services, Google will often present the best results for that location first, which is why your Google Business page and the copy and content on your website should clearly spell out your geographic location.

Backlinks – Google’s algorithms rank websites on many different factors, one of which is the ‘trustworthiness’ of a webpage. It establishes this in several different ways, one of which is how content links to other trusted pages online. By including reciprocal links to trusted online resources you are more likely to climb the rankings.

Online Reviews – Google also uses online reviews and testimonials as an indication of trust. It is important that you seek out strong positive reviews for your company from clients, as it could have a big impact on where Google chooses to rank you. This includes how you interact with reviews received via Google’s review services – so respond where you can.

FAQs – Increasingly, Google relies on featured snippets to rank pages, this includes what are known as question boxes. You may have seen these at the top of rankings, where they have a question followed by a brief answer. When Google’s algorithm audits a webpage, it will look for questions and suitable answers which it can use in these question boxes as featured snippets. FAQs are an excellent way of achieving this. Getting in this box could ensure you will rank above all others.

Landing Pages – If you are looking to target a particular sector or promote a specific service then a dedicated landing page can be very effective way of getting your firm ranked highly. If it is packed with some of the other features outlined above, such as keywords and FAQs, and designed in a mobile and algorithm-friendly manner it can help you to climb the rankings quickly to reach page one.

Voice Search – With more and more people using phones and other internet-connected devices, such as Alexa, to conduct online searches, you must factor in voice search content. This often includes longer, more complex keyword phrases, which are more suited to voice search algorithms.

Many of the points covered above have been explained in greater detail on our blog page, which can be found by clicking here.

Google’s algorithms regularly change and your competition won’t sit still if you overtake them in the SEO rankings.

That is why businesses must work continually to maintain and improve their SEO strategy, creating new content, pages and resources, which will help them to remain at the top.

This process can be onerous and requires an investment of time and access to expertise. We work with some of the UK’s leading firms of accountants, solicitors, care homes and many other businesses to improve their online position – promoting their services and brand to a wider audience.

To find out how we can help you with your SEO strategy and ranking, please contact us today!

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