Instagram has become a worldwide sensation in the last few years, even eclipsing other social media giants, such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, unlike these other platforms, it doesn’t naturally lend itself to the marketing of professional services, which is why its uptake amongst financial advisers, accountants and law firms has been slow.

Why is this?

As a platform built around images, Instagram is a harder place to advertise intangible things, such as services and advice.

While the likes of Nike, Cartier and Ferrari can scoop up hundreds of new followers and potential clients with a single aspirational image, the same is often simply not an option for a service such as tax advice.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is without uses, in fact, it can be a great way of sharing your values and personality with clients, as well as recruiting new talent to your practice.

Audience and its importance

There are likely to be many partners and directors out there wondering whether to invest in Instagram or instead ignore it as just another fad.

Both Twitter and Facebook were once also seen as faddy and for a long-time people persisted with the idea that they could solely focus on direct mailings, emails, referrals and press to gain new clients.

However, it seems unimaginable that a firm would not have at least one social media account and it is clear that Instagram is here to stay.

If you look at the demographics you will quickly realise that your future clients could be keen users of Instagram – so can you afford to miss out?

The age profile of Instagram users:

  • 59% are in the 18-29 years category and
  • 33% are between 30-49 and
  • 18% between 50 and 64.

How should a firm use Instagram?

There is some precedent amongst professionals for using Instagram. Many of the UK’s largest firms already have a significant presence on the platforms and use it for various reasons.

Here are some of the more common topics that feature on their feeds:

  • Staff engagement
  • Client success
  • Events and networking
  • Locality – mainly featuring pictures of their offices
  • Charity work
  • Community projects

For most firms then, the focus of Instagram is on their outward appearance to others, it’s not necessarily about bluntly marketing their services with adverts, but rather about creating a profile that reflects what a fantastic firm that they are.

Remember, Instagram is not necessarily about instant leads, instead it is an important tool in building up a profile of who you are to potential clients and demonstrating your key selling points.

First steps

If you are serious about becoming the next great Instagram sensation then seeking out professional help can be immensely valuable.

By allowing an outside agency to manage and enhance your account you will likely see greater engagement with new followers.

At JE Consulting we are leading the way in the marketing of professional service firms on Instagram and are already helping many firms to build a following online.

To find out how we can help you explore Instagram and all it has to offer, please contact us.

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