Branding has a shelf life – Don’t let yours go stale

By Todd Gravestock, Creative Director.

One of the best parts of my job is when, as a graphic designer, I see my designs proudly displayed on a client’s website and marketing materials.

We regularly produce new logos, colour schemes, branded content, social media graphics, and physical assets like exhibition banners and brochures for our clients.

Unfortunately, branding doesn’t last forever – it has a shelf life – just like most aspects of marketing.

Design principles and theories move on, fashions change and what was trendy five or ten years ago is often no longer effective.

We’re lucky to have done several successful rebrands as a result and it’s been a privilege to be a part of our clients’ branding evolutions over the 18 years I’ve worked at JE Consulting.

Rebranding, in essence, is changing a firm’s corporate image, including its visual identity, messaging, and market positioning, to better reflect its current values or the current trends in design.

It’s about continuing to reach a firm’s current audience as well as better targeting of new potential clients.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and there’s a fine line between too early, and too late, when it comes to timing a rebrand.

When is the right time to rebrand?

You need to look at several key factors when deciding whether to rebrand or not.

If your brand image has become outdated or no longer aligns with your current values, offerings, or target market, that’s the first sign that something needs a change.

For example, if previously your firm focused on corporate law, but through personnel changes you now find yourself far more suited to providing family services, your current branding might be reaching the wrong audience – or even actively turning away potential family law clients.

Similarly, significant shifts in business direction, strategy, mergers, or acquisitions can also prompt a re-evaluation of brand identity.

Your brand should reflect the new combined strengths and market focus that your firm now possesses.

Equally, if you’re an accountant looking to expand into new markets or demographics – e.g. from domestic clients to a more international scope – you could start by rebranding to effectively reach this new market rather than doing so post-pivot.

Addressing reputation issues, responding to increased competition, or the desire to revitalise a stale brand are also great excuses for rebranding.

Essentially, rebranding is a strategic response to internal changes and external market dynamics, aimed at maintaining relevancy, differentiation, and a strong connection with your target audience.

So, if any of these are a concern, it’s time to find a graphic designer!

What’s our role during the rebranding process?

As graphic designers (and marketing professionals more generally) our job is to first look at your current branding and your firm’s unique situation.

Sometimes we find that a firm’s image just needs a small update – a tweak in its colour scheme, some new images for its website, or a new logo.

On the other hand, we often come across professionals who have left their branding problems unaddressed for too long and they now require a complete overhaul of their messaging and the face they present to the world.

Either way, it’s best to address the question of rebranding sooner rather than later.

From there, we present a selection of options for the rebrand, working closely with senior figures, partners, and directors within the firm, to determine which direction you’d like to take.

This is always a collaborative effort – we know graphic design and you know your firm’s unique personality.

After this, we get cracking on your new brand image!

Even after we’ve sent this over to your team, if you have any amendments, we are always happy to change things as we see every rebrand as a team effort between your team and ours.

If you think your firm’s branding needs a rethink, looks outdated or no longer reflects your professional services and personality, please reach out to our design team.

Email me at: or speak to one of our directors: 0121 355 4774

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