When it comes to creating your social media profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you’d be forgiven for thinking that once you’ve added the required details, a profile image and a banner image, that you are good to go – and that the basic setup is complete.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t be further from the truth (when looking at the long-term), as each platform is looking to be classified as number one, and therefore rolls out changes to enhance the users experience.

The most recent of the platforms to roll out such changes is the micro-blogging site, Twitter, who have not only introduced new features which will impact on who and what you see on your timelines, but have also introduced changes to the design of profiles.

“Sshh” With a New Feature:

The new feature which Twitter introduced last month, is a mute button – which as the name suggests, shushes those who you may wish to banish from your timeline, without actually unfollowing them.

Some users may have heard of, or even used, the mute button previously via third-party applications; but now Twitter has rolled it out to the general user, allowing them to remove clutter from their timelines.

By muting a Twitter user, their tweets and retweets will be removed from your timeline – but they will still be able to reply, favourite and retweet your tweets; whilst you can also “unmute” at users at any time.

Effectively, the mute button is a polite way of informing a Twitter user that you do not find their tweets interesting, without hurting their feelings or unfollowing them.

Looking at the Bigger Picture:

Although it only seems like yesterday since Twitter last went through a re-design, in reality it has been a lot longer, but to keep improving the platform they have been rolling out a redesign of profiles since April – and if you haven’t already, you should see changes to your profile shortly.

Under the redesign, the cover images are to be expanded to cover the full width of the top of the page; whilst your profile image will be placed on the left hand side. Does it sound familiar? It should do, it’s not a million miles away from the current Facebook design.

In addition to making changes to the layout and size of the profile images, the redesign of Twitter will also see changes to tweets – with the introduction of “best”, and “pinned” tweets, which can best be described as:

  • Best Tweets – appears slightly bigger than your other tweets, due to Twitter’s algorithm deeming them to have received the most activity.
  • Pinned Tweets – on Facebook you have a “pinned” post which enables you to pin a post to the top of your page, no matter how many updates you do, for 7 days.

Now Twitter have taken this idea, and added it to tweet!

Picture Perfect:

Twitter isn’t the only platform to announce changes recently, photo-sharing site, Instagram have also announced that they have introduced a further editing features, enabling users to enhance their pictures even further.

The new features on Instagram include the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.

Whilst the latest changes to the social media platforms may not seem like a lot, they do highlight the importance of individuals and businesses who are using the various platforms for marketing reasons, to keep on top of changes if they do not want to be left behind.

If you want to find out more about the changes, or how to make the most out of your social media profiles, contact our marketing team at JE Consulting.

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