A new survey has found that many businesses are losing up to 54 per cent of their potential online revenue by failing to update their website regularly.

With many more people choosing to shop online for goods and services, the new survey from online business directory, Yell, has revealed the importance of managing your brand online in light of changing consumer attitudes brought about by the pandemic.

According to the study, around 80 per cent of businesses stated that their website and social media presence were the most important aspects for generating leads and sales.

Similarly, 79 per cent of the SMEs surveyed said that digital marketing and online branding were key to their growth.

Before the pandemic, only 66 per cent of businesses thought that their website was important to them getting sales and enquiries.

However, now more than one in three SMEs think that their business would not survive without a website.

This tallies up with the change in consumer attitude, with 69 per cent of consumers either likely or very likely to seek out a business online before making a purchase or requesting a service.

Keeping up to date

Despite the overall importance of having a website and online presence, of the one million websites analysed most were last updated an estimated 15 months ago.

This suggests that many SMEs are neglecting to update their websites regularly, which could have a direct impact on revenue from online sales and enquiries.

Yell’s study found that consumers spend 54 per cent less per month, on average, on websites that have not been updated regularly versus those that have.

Importantly, 42 per cent of consumers said that it was a website having up-to-date information that would most likely increase their chances of making a purchase or booking a service with that business.

The study found that the most common reason amongst SMEs for not updating or amending their website was a lack of expertise and fears of breaking a feature on their website.

Design is key

As well as keeping sites up to date, consumers are also more interested in well-designed websites, with 50 per cent of those surveyed saying they would be less likely to give a website their business if it was badly designed, while 41 per cent said they would not use that business again.

In today’s competitive online marketplace, businesses and professional service firms must have an online presence that impresses potential clients, both in terms of design and up to date, valued content.

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