“How do I get more followers?” is naturally one of the first questions for those businesses who have just joined Twitter.

But as time goes by it’s common that firms will also have to consider how to make sure they don’t lose those they already have.

Being unfollowed, unfriended or disconnected on social media will obviously bother businesses, although it’s important to remember that this will always happen on sites where friends and followers are only a mouse click away from ending your association.

Remember that losing a couple of people now and then is nothing to worry about. In the case of bogus accounts or users reaching out from 5000 miles away in the hope you’ll reciprocate, it is probably no bad thing.

What a firm will want to guard against is losing large numbers of people, particularly if it is because they find your content dull, repetitive or downright annoying.

If you take note of the most common things that are likely to irritate people, then you can focus on providing useful, engaging content that will keep users on side.

For starters, only posting information that is directly promoting your company is a sure-fire way of testing people’s patience. Numerous studies of social media have found that the “hard sell” is very unpopular and companies should instead use sites to push out blog posts, links to relevant news articles and other varied content. The occasional plug for your services is fine, but it shouldn’t be all you share.

Retweeting and sharing other people’s posts is a great way of engaging with business contacts and the wider online community, but do be careful about relying solely on other users’ content. A lack of originality means fewer people will choose to stay with you.

As well as monitoring what your business is posting, keep tabs on how often you’re doing it. Naturally you want to provide regular updates (accounts that are updated once every six months are no use to anybody), but equally bombarding your audience with dozens of posts an hour can be a similar source of irritation.

Inform, engage and don’t deluge other users and you won’t have to worry about your audience deserting you.

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