It has taken a bit of time for some businesses to appreciate the importance of pictures on social media.

Take Twitter for example, a site where so much is made about choosing your words carefully.

Having taken pains to get your message within the narrow confines of 140 characters, crafting something both concise and meaningful, it’s easy to hit send without even thinking about a photo.

That said, it is something that it pays to bear in mind. A striking image, relevant to your content, might be just what’s needed to catch a client’s eye on a busy timeline.

The statistics certainly suggest that visual aids can make a real difference. According to various studies, a tweet complete with picture is more likely to be retweeted, favourited and clicked on.

As a company it is important therefore to identify opportunities to include an image or two in your social media posts.

If, for instance, you’re holding a seminar or networking event, try and get some photos that you can share online later.

Stock pics can be handy for those occasions where you haven’t got photos of your own. Just be sure that you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright (the Pixabay picture library offers a gallery of more than 340,000 public domain images.)

Settling on something which isn’t horribly pixelated or too large to upload is important, but ordinarily you’ll find that slotting in a decent image now and then won’t take up much time at all and can reap dividends.

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