Since it arrived to challenge Facebook in 2006, Twitter has continued to grow in popularity – and for many is considered to be the main platform in terms of social media marketing, due to not only its audience reach, but its simplicity and the quickness in which updates can spread – despite space only allowing 140 characteristics to be used.

You would therefore think that with such a short amount of space, it would be difficult for mistakes to occur; but this is not the case.

Away from the high-profile mistakes made on Twitter from #McStories through to disgruntled employees / ex-employees taking “revenge” via the platform (think HMV); there are also a number of tweets which are posted – and then shared, which have spelling mistakes in – even from large corporations and businesses.

However, such mistakes could soon be a thing of the past if recent rumours are to be believed; with reports suggesting that Twitter are looking to introduce an “edit” function to the platform in the very near future.

According to reports, the ability to “edit” tweets has been a priority of Twitter for some time, and a new function which will allow users to do this is set to go live on the platform within the next month or two.

Under the function, users will be given a set period of time (which is still to be decided) to edit the tweets they publish; allowing users of the platform to ensure any spelling mistakes or unwanted words are removed.

Although the function is set to allow tweets to be edited to remove spelling mistakes and unwanted / extra words, users of Twitter will still need to ensure that they are checking, and double checking their updates if they want to rid them of errors, as tweets will only be able to be edited once.

Reports into the new function have added that any changes made to tweets by the original poster, will automatically be added to any retweets the original tweet received via the “retweet” button.

Although for Twitter the “edit” function will be a new addition to the platform, which has undergone a few minor tweaks and changes over recent months; the “edit” function within social media is not new.

The platform aimed specifically at professionals, LinkedIn, has enable users to “edit” their updates during a fifteen minute window from when the update was sent live – although after the fifteen minutes has elapsed, the only way to change any update is to delete it and then repost it with the changes made.

Facebook also introduced an edit function in September 2013 – nine years after the platform went live – in an attempt to help improve the social media platform for its users.

Do you think the function will benefit Twitter?

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