Over the last few weeks, Twitter has made the headlines primarily for its floatation on the stock exchange, which saw its shares rise to $26; highlighting that as a social media marketing platform, it can rival Facebook as a marketing tool for businesses.

This week, the power of Twitter as such a tool was highlighted further, as they announced the opening of their self-serving advertising platform for small and medium sized businesses within the UK, Ireland and Canada.

The opening of Twitter’s self-serving advertising platform provides a few opportunities for accountancy firms, solicitors and other small and medium sized businesses to advertise via the social media platform, including:

Promoted Accounts:

According to Twitter, utilising Promoted Accounts is the quickest way for small and medium sized businesses to build on an active community of advocates and influencers already using the platform.

How does this help those using the self-serving advertising platform? The bigger the follower count on Twitter, of active Twitter users, the more people to engage with, who can spread your message on to their followers; and via a snowball affect their followers can pass it on, and so on.

Businesses who take advantage of the “Promoted Accounts” function, will also see their accounts appear more prominently in the “Who to Follow” suggestions on Twitter, enabling the account to feature in front of more people, helping to increase the likelihood of an account gaining more followers.

Promoted Tweets:

Active users of Twitter will be aware how important it is to time when to send a tweet to ensure that it reaches the widest audience possible, and gains the most engagement. However, timing the tweet can be difficult, which is where Promoted Tweets can prove to be useful.

In the same way as a regular tweet, Promoted Tweets appear on the feeds of users and within search results; however, the added bonus is that you can target the users who see the tweets based on their geographic location, interests and gender – helping to ensure that as a business you receive maximum exposure.

Promoted Tweets can also be targeted at an audience based on how they access Twitter – which can be beneficial when you consider that over seventy percent of Twitter users accessing their accounts via a mobile device.

Promoted Trends:

Have you ever wondered how to get a hashtag or word associated with your business on the “Trends” list? Whilst Twitter suggest that the trends are based on an algorithm, via Promoted Trends, businesses can get to the top trend list – increasing their potential that they will gain an increased following.

Promoted Trends enables businesses to appear at the top of the trend list for an entire day, and is considered to be an effective way to kick-start a conversation with other Twitter users, in the hope of building up lasting relationships which will benefit your business for years to come.

At JE Consulting, as marketing specialists in Birmingham, we believe that the announcement by Twitter to open its self-servicing advertising platform to small and medium sized businesses, highlights the importance of the platform as a tool for social media marketing for accountants and solicitors.

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