This week Facebook is expected to unveil a new service that will combine music, TV, games and films into an entertainment hub on users’ Profile Pages.

F8, the annual Facebook developer’s conference, takes place this week in San Francisco and it is there that details of the new service – which will transform the standard Profile Page into a zone for sharing digital media – will be shared.

There have been rumours that Facebook is looking to shake hands on a deal with Spotify to create a music downloading platform to compete with iCloud – Apple’s soon-to-be-launched music sharing service.

The idea is that users will be able to share music, TV shows and films via their Profile Pages on Facebook, with an easy-to-use service.

Facebook has already begun to test the water with the launch of various live streamings of sporting events and films. For example, on the Budweiser’s fan page users were able to watch the live streaming of the FA Cup match between Ascot United and Wembley FC.

It was also revealed that 10 episodes of Top Gear will be available for rent via a video-on-demand app that would let fans rent the episodes for 48 hours.

We will have to wait until Thursday to hear full details of the plans for the digital media sharing service. But if the rumours are true it will mean that businesses will too be able to take advantage of the new service, as it will bring an array of new options for social media campaigns to the table.

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