When people talk about making the most out of social media, the phrase “optimal timing” is often banded about.

If you tap those two words into Google then it turns up articles about open heart surgery, advanced economics and cyber terrorism.  If you weren’t daunted before, you sure will be after that quick visit to the search engine.

Actually though, when it comes to Twitter or Facebook, optimal timing is just a long-winded way of talking about the best time of day to hit the send button.

The next question is inevitably going to be “what is the best time of day?” Are more people likely to see what you’ve got to say at 8am or 8pm?

This isn’t quite as easy to answer as lots of companies have been crunching the numbers – trying to keep track of activity -and have come up with sometimes widely different results.

One study found that visits to Facebook reached a peak on Thursdays and that by the weekend, people were too busy off enjoying themselves to be ‘liking’ their friends photos.

Another survey was adamant that actually Saturdays and Sundays were when there was an explosion of status updates.

Despite the conflicting information, there are some interesting trends which do crop up quite a lot – even when you take people’s changing habits into account.

Take Twitter for instance, which tends to see a spike during the morning rush hour – often because people are checking their phones on the train or bus to work. Lunchtime and when people return home in the evening are also often associated with a surge in activity.

It’s worth looking online for a few tips, but also take into account your target audience. If a large number of your potential customers are likely to be car drivers then they’re less likely –you would hope – to be reading Tweets during the commute!

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