Since reaching the 200 million user milestone earlier this year, you could forgive LinkedIn – the social networking site geared to professionals – for resting on its laurels. However, those behind the site have instead opted to continue to work hard on improving the site for the end user, by performing a number of Spring cleans.

If you’ve logged into LinkedIn since Monday (May 20th), there is a good chance that you’ll have noticed yet another change to the layout of the site, which those behind the social network hope will enhance the users’ experience.

Over the last week – and continuing for the next month – LinkedIn are rolling out changes to the navigation bar, which they state within their official blog comes after analysing years of navigation data to find out which links were adding the most input.

The new navigation bar follows changes made earlier this year which have seen the homepage and personal profiles redesigned and updated; offering a less cluttered feel to the site – and improving the way in which professionals interact with their networks via the platform.

The homepage for example has been redesigned to ensure that along with relevant updates appearing at the top of your newsfeed; when scrolling down for previous updates, you’ll no-longer have to click on “see more” – instead the feed will continue to roll.

As for the personal profiles, a new design has made it easier for professionals to share their expertise, working history – and “sell themselves” as the experts they are.

LinkedIn’s decision not to rest on their laurels after hitting such a milestone in users, acts as a timely reminder for businesses using social media as a marketing avenue, that they should continually be evaluating and re-evaluating their presence and goals.

By continuously evaluating and re-evaluating progress and goals, businesses will be able to ensure that their social media campaigns do not become stale; whilst they will also be able to see what is working in terms of attracting new followers and connections; gaining leads and engaging with contacts.

As marketing specialists, at JE Consulting, we can help professional firms create, develop, enhance and monitor their social media presence to ensure that it not only becomes a powerful marketing and communication tool; but to also ensure that it doesn’t become stale, instead remaining fresh, interesting and relevant.

We are passionate about social media and keep abreast of the latest developments and changes in the forever growing world that is online marketing. As such, we will make relevant changes and inform you of any developments, helping your social media presence grow and expand.

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