Generating business leads can often be a daunting task, especially during tough economic times. However, with the growing power and influence of social media marketing gone are the days of having to think of large advertising campaigns which are seen by only a select few of your target audience.

Instead, today businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to target their specific audience, using 140 characters or less, to generate vital business leads.

So, if you’re new to social media marketing or if you’re looking to make your campaign a success leading into 2012, follow these few titbits of advice and see your campaign blossom by springtime.

Know Where To Find Your Audience?

Finding your target audience via social media platforms, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter is a lot easier than you may have first thought; and before you begin a marketing campaign on any platform, you should do some research to find out how wide an audience you’d have on each platform.

At the time of writing, the three main social media platforms have a combined global audience of 105,0000000+ active users; which is split as follows:
• LinkedIn 135+ million active users
• Facebook: 800+ million active users
• Twitter: 100+ million active users

These figures may automatically make you consider aiming your social media marketing campaign at the Facebook audience, followed by LinkedIn and then Twitter; but how do you know that you’ll have a wider audience figure on one platform over another?

Before you have your heart set on creating a Facebook Page complete with pictures, video and content, dig a bit deeper into the audience reach you’ll have on each platform.

For example, if I wanted to reach an audience aged between 18 and 34, who were in the Leicester area; via LinkedIn I’d have an estimated target reach of 14,425

Along with gaining a rough estimate as to the estimated target audience you have on each platform, it’s also advisable to view how the audience interact with brands on the different social networks; after all you may find that although Twitter / LinkedIn have a lower audience figure, the audience that are on their a more susceptible to advertising and online marketing.

Provide Eye-Catching Content

Whether you’re selling a specific product or offering a service to businesses / individuals, no matter how great it is, to get interest in it, you need to make sure your advertising campaign is eye-catching.

None of the three main social media platforms offer the largest space in which to advertise – whether paying for an advert to be placed on their site or within an update – so it’s important to ensure that you providing eye-catching content in the space provided.

Top Tip: Provide more interest in your paid for adverts on Facebook & LinkedIn marketing campaigns by adding a relevant picture.

Whichever platform you’re advertising on, it’s advisable to include a link to the relevant page on your website – although to ensure you don’t use too much space, use or to shorten your URL.

Would Your “Call to Action” Entice You?

The content may attract the eye of your audience, but does the final call-to-action entice your audience to click through to your website and sign-up for the service your offering or purchase the product that your buying?

If you’re not getting the clicks through to your website, consider altering the calls to action – the best way to see if they would work, before setting them live – is to test it on those who you know and yourself, to see whether they would click through to your website.

Optimise Your Website / Emails:

Carrying out the work mentioned above, will often prove fruitless, if you don’t attract people to the social media networks in the first place. Whilst eye-catching content and utilising tools implemented on each network – such as hashtags on Twitter – will help gain a following of sorts; why not increase your popularity by optimising your website and email signatures?

With the introduction of a few simple buttons on your website or in your email signatures, such as the following, you can show your audience that you are active within social media.

You can also encourage your audience to spread your marketing message for you by including the following logos within your blog posts or within various pages on your website.

These are only a few suggestions on how you can generate leads for your business via your social media marketing campaign. But if you have any other tips on how to generate business leads via social media marketing, we’d love to hear them – why not leave a comment on this post?

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