It is 10 years this month since the hashtag was transformed from one of the least-used symbols on the keyboard into a key part of social media.

Not wanting the anniversary to pass unnoticed, the Twitter team celebrated with, what else, but a special hashtag.

It’s easy to forget, of course, that the ability to group tweets together with the character was not part of the site at launch.

Indeed the platform had been up and running for over a year when the idea was suggested by former Google and Uber engineer Chris Messina in August 2007.

A decade on and the symbol is an essential tool for tweeters and, indeed, a number of other social media networks have hurried to implement a similar system. Its use has even garnered a new entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

As the years have gone by, social media experts have had long debates about how to make best use of the tool.

Opinion inevitably differs but there are, generally speaking, a number of common themes.

It is advised that you pick hashtags that will most appeal to your target audience and do a bit of research on the best phrases to deploy.

For instance, if you’re busy tweeting about the Budget make sure that your chosen words match those being used by the leading business bodies and journalists. Any variation in wording will inevitably reduce your reach.

In terms of things to avoid, it is generally accepted that longer hashtags should be swerved and that less is generally more. A tweet with as many hashtags as words is likely to look rather odd!

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