Making use of social media analytics is essential for any company who wants to make the most out of their online presence, as well as staying connected with clients.

As the social media world advances, there are a vast range of online tools designed specifically to improve your content on a multitude of social media platforms. Analytics not only allows you to view the engagement people have with your posts, but can also assist with your content strategy, organisation and can even show you what TV shows your target audience likes to watch at the moment. So, here are five simple tips that can boost your presence on social media…

1.) Try using a ‘cross-platform scheduler’…

This isn’t as complex as it sounds. With clients choosing to follow you on a variety of social media platforms; such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, a cross-platform scheduler is the best tool to sync your channels and schedule posts across your accounts. Some products were designed with the added feature of Google Analytics access; that’s all the information about your posts that you could possibly need all in one place! Reports of all social media platforms can increase your efficiency, and helps keep your pages consistent as you can check which is gaining the most engagement. Check out some comparison sites to see which would suit your company the best.

2.) Use a calendar to keep track of both your posts and data.

If you’re not keen on the idea of a cross-platform scheduler, social media sites offer their own ‘insights’ pages to help you decipher your average follower. These are great… if you can make sense of all the data on the page. To help you do this, a content plan or a calendar can help you organise your posts alongside the data. For example, if your blog about a big company event was posted at 5pm on a Monday and gained 500 more views than your post about your latest product at 1pm on a Friday, you might consider posting on a Monday evening more regularly. Keeping track of this will quickly increase your presence online.

3.) Don’t overlook Instagram!

Instagram has shown itself to be more useful to advertisers than predicted when it was launched. With over 700 million active monthly users, the platform is dragging companies from all sectors kicking and screaming to the sign up page. But, why is it important for you to join in? If you want your business to seem up-to-date, keeping connected with clients on one of the biggest growing platforms out there is a great place to start. Instagram insights is a free analytics tool for business accounts and can help you expand your online presence quickly and give your clients a new perspective on your brand.