There was a time when Facebook was the only social media platform that mattered. After its launch in 2004, it ruled the internet and was widely used by both individuals and businesses.

In the past few years however, the networking site seemed to have fallen way behind newcomers Twitter and LinkedIn when it came to a professional audience.

But now might be the right time to give some attention to your old friend list as Facebook’s fortunes in the business world are on the rise.

A 2014 Ofcom report shows that Facebook remains the default social networking site, favoured by 96 per cent of UK adults who use the internet. It is also thought the average age of users has gone up since the site launched, with 26 per cent of users now in 25-34 group.

While Twitter has become the tool of choice for users who want to produce short, regular updates, commentators believe this has left Facebook’s newsfeed rather less cluttered and, as a consequence, allows people to clearly see information posted by the people they’re connected with.

The fact there isn’t a character limit has also been an advantage; the website can allow you to continue to use social media as a method of promotion, but does not limit you in the amount of words you have available.

The ‘share’ feature on Facebook acts a lot like the ‘retweet’ feature on Twitter. Both of these give your business an insight into what the people you are connected with are currently talking about and looking at – including links to news reports, videos or even events that you may find useful, or for you to share on further.

Facebook also gives you the ability to build a connection with those on your friends list and generate a conversation between you. Allowing comments on your posts can strengthen the relationship with current and prospective clients.

Boasting other similar features to other leading social media websites, such as trending articles and the ability to ‘follow’ other users and businesses for instant updates of their activity, it seems Facebook has grown up in its 11 years online and is now ready to be used professionally again.

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