Responding quickly to customer enquiries across social media is of the utmost importance. Sophisticated brands are quickly finding that providing proactive customer care can add additional value to both the company and the customer’s connection with the brand.

Proactively contacting prospects or customers can help to create a positive customer experience, raising brand awareness and potentially saving on service costs. Listening to customers on social media can also allow brands to identify key trends, new opportunities and also weaknesses or flaws that are reoccurring.

There are a number of ways your company can start proactively engaging on social media today, such as:

Indirect mentions: this is when someone tweets or posts about your brand but does not include the ‘tag’ of the brand. For example, a customer may have an issue with a product and post a tweet about this without mentioning the brand’s Twitter account in the post.

Ideally what brands should be doing is ‘listening’ for brand mentions across social media. Even though the customer hasn’t directly engaged with the brand, they can nip any issue in the bud by proactively contacting the social media user and offering a solution. In turn, this would then portray the brand in a positive light to the customer.

Proactive alerts: if the company is aware of an issue, it should try to update customers at the earliest possible convenience. For example, if a company’s website goes down. This can help to reduce the likelihood of complaints arising before the business has even had a chance to resolve the issue.

Recognising milestones: This involves a brand reaching out to an individual customer or client to celebrate an event or an accomplishment, by sending a personalised tweet or relevant message to that social media user. For example, to celebrate a birthday, new job, wedding or the birth of a child.

Proactively ‘listening’ and responding on social media can help to differentiate your company and make you stand out from competitors. Portraying yourself as interested, engaging and involved will go a long way towards making your existing customers feel special, and could also help to entice new ones. When done correctly, proactive customer care and engagement can have significant benefits for your business.

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