Is your marketing strategy agile enough?

Markets, objectives and audiences can all change over time and your marketing strategy needs to reflect new trends in the marketplace.

Regularly revisiting your marketing strategy isn’t just good practice – it is critical to keeping your brand competitive and fresh.

When should you review your marketing strategy?

There is no clear, set timetable for reviewing your marketing strategy. The frequency will depend on your product, market, audience and a whole host of other factors.

If you don’t sit down to discuss your approach often enough your marketing can become disjointed or past its best, resulting in poorer ROIs and a degradation of your brand.

So how often and when should you sit down to review your marketing strategy?

The monthly meet-up: We often recommend to our clients that regular, informal catchups are a great way to make sure everything stays on track, and you have a clear idea of what is coming in the month ahead.

This can also help when you have to report your performance back to a board or partners, as it gives them a clearer picture of your vision and success to date.

The quarterly strategy session: Reviewing your strategy quarterly keeps everything running smoothly and prevents issues down the road.

This periodic check-in helps adjust your approach based on performance and keeps your team engaged and proactive rather than reactive.

Plus, it aligns perfectly with each of your financial quarters and targets, allowing you to measure what matters most to you.

The annual review: Once a year, take the time to revolutionize your marketing strategy. This isn’t just tweaking—it’s looking at the big picture and possibly recharting your course.

What’s changed in the market? Are there new competitors on the horizon? Is your target audience still where you thought they were, or have they migrated to new digital platforms?

When opportunity knocks: Change and opportunity are the only constant, and in marketing, both can come knocking often.

Whether it’s a shake-up in your team, a pivot in your product line, or a sudden eureka moment where you discover a new channel to engage your audience, these changes necessitate a fresh look at your strategy.


Celebrating the completion of a campaign isn’t just about popping champagne and calling it a day. It’s about huddling together to unpack what soared and what sank.

You should think of the end of each marketing campaign as a party where everyone’s invited – data, feedback, creative content – the works.

Failing to regularly refresh your marketing strategy can lead your brand into dangerous waters – overspending on ineffective campaigns, diluting your brand identity, or missing out on the latest marketing trends.

The outsider’s opinion

Sometimes, you’re just too close to the canvas to see the painting. Bringing in external expertise can provide a new perspective that challenges conventional wisdom and sparks creativity.

These specialists can spot opportunities masked by familiarity and provide insights that are easily overlooked.

What’s more, they can then help you deliver your new approach in a way that makes use of the latest technology and techniques.

Keep it fresh

If you haven’t reviewed your marketing approach in some time or feel that your current strategy could do with a shakeup then now is the time to reach out and talk to us.

We work closely with our clients to craft and deliver marketing strategies with tangible results and ROIs.

Get started by booking an initial discovery call with our experts and let’s get your strategy on track.

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