Earlier this month LinkedIn reached – and passed – the two-hundred million user mark; with users of the site being represented in over two-hundred countries and territories; not to mention in over nineteen different languages.

With so many individual professionals using the social network, it is not hard to see why LinkedIn continues to be a mainstay of the social networking industry nor why it is often the preferred social network of many professionals.

As LinkedIn continues to rise in popularity, it is worth asking whether your company making the most of its LinkedIn company page?

The vast majority of businesses will have shared basic information – such as a company logo, and a brief description of who they are, where they are based and what they do – and will have considered this enough to entice their audience.

In some cases it may be, but it only adding basic information doesn’t fully optimise your company’s LinkedIn profile and nor does it make use of the tools which LinkedIn is providing for free.

One of those tools is the “Products and Services” tab; unfortunately there are relatively few businesses that have made use of this small yet powerful subsection to their LinkedIn page.

Has your business?

The “Products and Services” tab can be found at the top of your company page and it is a powerful marketing and business tool, which should be utilised to its full potential; as it allows businesses to show off their products and / or services, providing as much information as they feel appropriate.

Key information which should be included within the “Product and Services” tab, when individually listing the products and / or services which are on offer to clients via your business include:

• The name of the product and / or service

• An image which represents the product or service – if there isn’t a specific image, your company logo should be used

• A description of what the product / service offers

Once you have entered this information, click “publish” and it will appear within the “Product and Services” tab for visitors to your LinkedIn company page to see – and these three steps should be taken for each product / service you have to offer.

In addition to having a description which outlines the services / product on offer, by following the onscreen instructions when editing your “Product and Services” tab allows you to add up-to eight key features of each product or service; allowing you to include keywords, which will benefit search results on LinkedIn.

However, to allow businesses to stand out from the crowd when adding product and / or service information to their LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn allows businesses to add further information – and if you really want to make an impression via your company page, it is suggested to utilise as many of the “tools” on offer as possible.

The additional “tools” available to businesses to showcase their product and / or services via LinkedIn, include:

• Adding a specific website URL within the “Product and Services” tab which correlates directly to the product / service being represented

• Details of contacts within your business who specialise within the specific product / service being represented

• Adding a Youtube video which showcases the product / service on offer- helping it come to life for the visitor of the page.

Once you have added as much information as you can about the products and services on offer, to help promote the services further, as you would with your own personal profile, it is highly recommended to ask for clients to recommend the service or product.

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