‘Low-value’ creative degrees are anything but for top marketing agencies

Ongoing proposals to ban or reduce access to ‘low-value’ degree courses have caused some controversy in the marketing community and the businesses we serve.

Criticism has addressed the reduction in choice offered to potential students and the definition of low-value which assumes the goal of increased earning potential or job opportunities.

In particular, criticism has been levelled at the inevitable and disproportionate affect this could have on creative degree subjects – with the majority of the subjects with the lowest earning potential coming under the umbrella of creative arts, social sciences and communication, including journalism and media, according to Adzuna and FE News.

For our business clients and the marketing sector itself, however, creative and social science degrees are a window into the needs and wants of the audiences we engage with. Far from being low-value, they create additional value for our clients that seek to stand out and engage clients with their content.

The value of creativity

Marketing is the sector of creativity. It brings together designers, writers, strategists and social media experts to craft brands, stories, sales pipelines and client relationships.

Creativity itself gets a reputation for being frivolous, surplus to requirements for growth and therefore not worth investment by businesses looking to expand.

However, creative communications are at the core of sustainable growth which prioritises client retention. A good communications strategy tells clients why your business is right for them and does so on their level, helping them to relate more closely to your brand and form longer lasting relationships with you.

For example, we don’t just promote client services on social media. We engage with charity activities, awareness days and appropriate trends to ensure that clients are saying something meaningful.

Creative degrees, providing a dedicated period of training in creative sectors and skills, are therefore highly valuable to the businesses that marketing firms work with, supporting return on investment (ROI) and new opportunities for businesses.

Businesses are clearly recognising this, as marketing and advertising spend climbs to a record height of around £43.5 billion in the UK alone.

JE Consulting as a case study

We’re proud to have our very own creative team – and they’re a case in point as to how creative and social science degree courses are a benefit to the businesses we work with.

Our Communications Director, Tom Mason, is a seasoned journalist who completed his NCTJ course after obtaining a degree in Politics and International Relations! With his sharp understanding of the media and the needs of audiences, Tom now leads our communications team, including three copywriters and three social media experts.

Like obviously attracted like, as our copywriting team share Tom’s passion for communication and the media.

Fellow Politics and International Relations graduate, Richard Croxford and fellow journalist, Lauren Neil, bring a unique understanding of the needs and expectations of audiences to the table, while Charlotte did her degree in English and Creative Writing, helping her to craft brand stories.

Creative and social science degrees have given our team an exceptional understanding of what our clients need in order to succeed, as well as the skills to achieve it.

In short, creative and social science higher education holds incredible value for businesses looking to enhance their messaging and put genuine passion across to their clients – and the right team makes this all the more effective.

If you want to find out more about how our communications team can help you, speak to us today.

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