LinkedIn has become the latest social media site to undergo something of a face-lift.

While everyone tends to notice when changes like this take effect it’s all too easy once you’re accustomed to the new look to just carrying on using your profile in the same way as before.

In fact it’s always worthwhile taking the time to take stock of what is different and if there are any changes to your page you should make to take full advantage of the new layout.

First and foremost you’ll have seen that profile photos have a more central position and, in common with Twitter and Facebook, they’ve taken on a circular shape.

These tweaks are obviously designed to give pictures greater prominence. The only problem is that if you never got round to uploading a headshot, the grey head and shoulders where your image should be is going to be even more apparent.

Since LinkedIn profiles with a picture tend to turn up on more searches and on average attract a greater number of connection requests, it’s more important than ever to find a nice professional photo to add to your page.

It might not be quite as obvious, but your summary has also been tweaked and from now on only the first two lines show up automatically. This makes it all the more important to ensure that those couple of sentences are as engaging as possible, emphasising your key qualifications or experience.

Similarly the number of skills which appear on your page – without having to click the “view more button” – has been reduced from ten to three. As with your summary text, this means you may want to reorder the categories to ensure the most important strengths are visible at all times.

On the face of it these changes are fairly minor, but taking the time to make them can pay dividends when it comes to the overall impact of your profile.

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