When it comes to social media, one area which always proves to be a hot topic is that of “outsourcing”. This debate was once again brought to our attention when pointed in the direction of a blog which states that you should “never ever outsource your social media.”

As you would expect, at JE Consulting we disagree that outsourcing is a bad idea. In fact, we believe that in many instances outsourcing social media can be more beneficial, which is why using some of the points raised within the original post, we counter argue that you should “outsource” your social media to a third party to enhance and help your business’ social media presence grow from strength to strength.


When arguing why you should not use a third-party to look after, manage and run your social media the author of the original post suggests that “consumers will no longer stand for the prototypical corporate façade of old” and that instead they want a real connection.

Perhaps, the author would be able to explain why, if that is true, a leading global drinks brand has over 43 million likes on Facebook and over 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

But, we appreciate it isn’t just large global brands who can effectively utilise social media and online marketing.

At JE Consulting, as specialists offering a full marketing service – one of which is social media – we understand what it takes for small, local firms to have a successful social media campaign, both as a firm and as individuals within the firm, which is why our services are two-fold.

We assist professional firms in creating business profiles on the social media platforms that they want to use; ensuring they utilise information effectively to help them reach their target audience.

In addition, we assist individuals within each professional firm we work with to create online profiles, particularly on LinkedIn, which will be beneficial; as the following testimonial highlights:

….they have introduced the firm to the benefits of social media marketing and have established a presence for the firm utilising platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging techniques.

“Our partners have all received LinkedIn training, helping us to understand the importance of how to effectively use LinkedIn to communicate with and develop new professional contacts and referrers and how to use the tool for business development.”


To succeed in any area of business, knowledge is key. Achieving a thorough knowledge of social media, whilst also keeping on top of the everyday business needs which make your business what it is can be extremely difficult; especially as the world of social media is forever changing.

Readingforums, blogs and news articles online and in the press on social media, will not provide business with the knowledge they require to become and remain successful via social media.

Thankfully at JE Consulting, we take the time to refresh our knowledge of all aspects of social media – from blogging and SEO techniques, to recruitment, social media advertising, social networking and e-shots; whilst also using our existing experiences of what works and what doesn’t, to help our clients become successful online.


Towards the end of the original post, the author changes tact and changes “outsourcing” for “co-souring” – which they describe as “where the company uses the agency to work with them, to support them, to take up the effort where they can’t.”

Unfortunately, the author doesn’t appear to grasp how “co-sourcing” your social media can provide more than the “rudiments, the mechanical requirements of a social media effort” claiming that “the part that really delivers results, can’t be outsourced because it requires authenticity and needs to withstand scrutiny.”

We disagree. You could legitimately claim that the social media work we carry out for professionals is not “outsourced” but instead “co-sourced”; and we would be inclined to agree with you.

However, as marketing professionals, because we work with professionals on all aspects of their marketing – from copywriting to press releases, and from their website to their social media presence; we are effectively your marketing team away from the office – and as such, we have a clear understanding of our clients’ business, the messages they want to portray to their clients and the clients they want to target.

At JE Consulting, each of our clients are our number one priority which is why if you’re “outsourcing” or “co-sourcing” your social media work to us; you can rest assured that we will be working on it, as though we were a member of your in-house team!

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