At the start of each year, many of us make New Year’s resolutions which commonly include kicking a bad habit, or getting healthier by joining a gym – although by February, the excitement of the gym has normally passed and the bad habit is back.

However, as a business owner, it is not just individual New Year’s resolutions which you should be making; you should also be looking at how you can improve, enhance and grow your business over the coming 12 months.

One way to do this, is to review and analyse your social media marketing performance over the last year. At JE Consulting we appreciate that with social media constantly changing, businesses do not always have time to keep track on what is “hot or not” – which is why, we have compiled the following list of marketing methods you should be embracing.


The power of images has long been known, so it should come as no surprise that in social media circles, where snippets of information are preferred to large extracts of text, that images have been – and are continuing to play an important role within social media marketing.

As many as 85 percent of people consider themselves to be visual learners; whilst reports have suggested that tweets which incorporate images are more likely to get retweeted – and therefore shared around a wider audience – than those which are just text – as we previously discussed in our post “Spread Your Message with a Picture”.

It isn’t just within tweets or Facebook statuses that you should be using images though; there are also a number of dedicated sites for image based social media marketing, which when utilised can make a huge difference to any strategy.

One such platform is Pinterest.

Again, this isn’t a new platform by any stretch of the imagination, having burst onto the scene four years ago, but it is still relatively undervalued by many, who by ignoring it are missing out not only on a section of their target audience, but are also missing out on the SEO benefits the site offers.


In a similar way to images, the power of videos within social media is coming to prominence.

Whilst YouTube has been around since February 2005 – and has continued to be one of the big contenders for King of Social Media – over the last six to twelve months, it has begun to see challenges from Instagram Video and Vine; highlighting the importance video is set to play in future social media marketing strategies.

When talking about videos, we aren’t referring to expensive shots, or long videos. Instead, short, snappy videos are more likely to be shared and viewed – and this has been recognised by Vine which only allows 6 second clips, and Instagram Video which allows 15 second clips.

For those who aren’t comfortable speaking in front of a camera, animated videos can also help enhance your marketing; and are also likely to engage your audience more than a video which is someone sitting square on to the camera talking about a particular topic.

To find out more about how video can enhance your social media strategy, read “ideo (Didn’t) Kill The Social Media Star”.

The above are only a few elements which you should consider to incorporate within your social media marketing strategy over the next twelve months. If you want to find out about other platforms, or you want to keep up to date with the latest social media developments, follow JE Consulting on Twitter and join our LinkedIn group.

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