Facebook has recently updated us on some changes that will be happening to the business page template.

At present, there are 80 million businesses utilising social media to engage with their audience. However, in recent years the activity of engagement and reach has lacked.

This could be potentially why Facebook has updated the layout of the business pages to help numbers increase.

So what do you need to know? The key elements that the standard template does not have include:

1. Services – this section give you the change to highlight what services you offer e.g. opening hours, prices, and menu
2. Shop – this element allows you to list specific products that you sell
3. Event – quiet self-explanatory this section lets you list upcoming event that your business has planned.

The development of social media platforms is crucial, and these small alterations could potentially lead to bigger changes. This allows your audience to see what businesses’ do and what they offer and how they can contact them easily.

Making it a one-stop shop for customers as it incorporates all elements that someone may need, even down to making an appointment directly through Facebook.

The changes to your Facebook page will automatically change on Thursday 23 August 2018, but you can continue to use your current template if you would prefer that option.

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