Facebook recently launched their biggest overhaul on privacy settings on the social media network. The social network has in the past received criticism for making changes to members’ privacy settings without notification.

With the latest changes being one of the biggest privacy overhauls in the company’s history, it is important that businesses are aware of the changes and how it will affect the privacy of their accounts.

The changes, which include more than a dozen changes to profiles, status updates, locations and tags, will undoubtedly leave users confused about the impact these changes will have on their privacy.

Perhaps notifying past criticism on the changes that have previously been made, Facebook has created a tutorial for each individual user to go through about the updated privacy settings to ensure there is more clarity for the 750 million plus users.

The privacy overhaul aims to achieve a much cleaner and simpler Privacy Page for users.

The changes include:

The ability to edit individual parts of your profile right from the profile editing page, before users had to go to the Privacy Settings page.

Profile visibility controls now appear directly next to content when you edit your profile.

The “View Profile As” feature has been moved from the Privacy Settings Page to the top right-hand corner of the user profile.

Facebook has implemented a system where users can approve or reject photo, status or location tags before they appear on their profiles.
Facebook Places has been integrated into the Publisher Box. Users can now tag a location into any status update.

In reaction to the changes, Connect Safety, said:

“This is a significant step forward in Facebook privacy for users of all ages – one that all of us Safety Advisory board members really liked. Giving users the chance to think about the level of exposure they want with each status update or photo posted encourages everybody to be a little more mindful about our social-media use, and that’s a good thing as we all work out the social norms of social media.”

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