Social media has changed the way businesses connect and communicate with their customers and prospective ones.

Customers now want more than just the content of the service – they want to know the people behind the brand, meaning businesses must now engage with their customers on a daily basis.

Social media is a platform that provides this daily communication and connection with customers. Although social media has proven to be an extremely successful method for doing this, it’s important businesses do not ignore the more ‘traditional’ methods of communication.

Millions of people use social media networks everyday but there are those who may not feel comfortable using them as a way of communicating with a business and it’s important these customers are not left in the dark.

It is all about choice. A customer doesn’t want to feel restricted and they expect to have a choice – that is why the combination of email and social media is the key for all round successful communication.

Email and social media go hand-in-hand. Email remains one of the best ways to get a message heard but social media is the best method for spreading that message. The reach of an email campaign can be expanded beyond the inbox by simply sharing a link to the campaign across the social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Businesses would also be wise to add the ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons in the body of the email – this will make it easy for customers to share the message with their friends.

Communication in business is constantly evolving but by embracing the changes and combining the old and new methods, businesses will reap the benefits.

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