A recent report which looked into the social media and social networking habits of adults within the UK, has revealed that over the last twelve months use of such platforms has increased; providing a clear indicator to businesses the importance of adding online marketing to their communications and marketing strategy.

Compiled by Ofcom, the report revealed that sixty-four percent of internet users within the UK, aged sixteen and over, have at least one social networking profile; whilst seventy-two of those visit their profile at least once a day.

In addition, the findings of the report suggested that over the last year the number of 55-64 year olds using social media increased from twenty-four to thirty-five percent.

Overall, the key figures from the report provide a clear reminder to businesses, the importance of engaging in social media.

By using a variety of social media platforms – from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; through to YouTube and Instagram (if relevant) – businesses are able to provide relevant information to their clients in a variety of formats, ensuring that the information provided remains engaging, entertaining and above all useful and relevant.

One of the main advantages of including social media within a marketing strategy, is that whether a business is looking to share information via video (YouTube & Vine); images (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) or text (predominately Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), they can do so around the clock, with little, if any cost; and at the most convenient time for them and their clients.

Social media, also has the advantage of “being on the button”, enabling users to receive key information almost instantaneously – and businesses using the right social media platforms are able to, and should, take advantage of this.

For example, during the Budget in March, accountants and economists were able to share their reactions to the Chancellor’s changes, as they were being announced; enabling them to keep their clients informed about what was happening, and how they can help.

However, the Ofcom report didn’t just look at the social media habits of UK adults. It also revealed that eighty-six percent of all smartphone users access the internet via their mobile device; whilst internet users within the UK, on average visit nineteen websites per week.

These statistics highlight the importance of not only ensuring that your business website is up-to-date with fresh and exciting information – from blogs and company news, through to information about the services you offer – but also the importance of ensuring that your website is compatible with mobile devices.

As marketing specialists, at JE Consulting, we can help businesses create, develop and enhance their social media presence to ensure that it becomes a powerful marketing and communication tool; whilst we’re also able to assist with the design and build of a website which proves easy-to-use, informative and easily accessible to all your clients – whenever, and wherever they are accessing the site from.

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