When it comes to receiving the latest information, especially via social media, everyone wants information now, at their fingertips and in bite-size nuggets which are easy to digest whilst on the go – which can make it difficult for those sharing topics to provide all the details required.

However, instead of staring blankly at Twitter trying to figure out how to explain the importance of auto-enrolment or the latest employment law changes in 140 characters or less; why not consider utilising the power of video?

Video marketing is nothing new, in-fact YouTube has been around since 2005, whilst Vimeo – although maybe not as well known as the former – was founded in 2004; and via both platforms you’ll find endless videos of accountants explaining how to file a tax return; financial advisors discussing the benefits of various pension schemes; and solicitors discussing important law changes.

Unfortunately, these videos have the potential to drag on, leaving the audience bored or clicking elsewhere to get the information they are after in an easier to understand – and quicker – format.

The solution, short videos, such as the six second and 15 second clips, offered by Vine and Instagram, respectively.

Recent statistics have suggested that short videos used for advertising purposes help to enhance the click-through rate, which if everything is set up correctly within the advertising campaign should lead to higher conversion rates.

However, short videos on Vine and Instagram can be used for more than advertising your latest product or service, if you’re willing to take your social media marketing campaign out of the box and out of your traditional comfort zones.

One great way to utilise the short videos to enhance your overall social media programme, is to use the platforms to produce short clips which entice your audience to read your latest blog.

Such videos do not need to be produced by a professional, instead you can produce them using your mobile phone – and the opportunities as to how you promote your blog are endless; from providing a brief synopsis of the blog, to using cue-cards with one line sentences highlighting the topic of the blog and where it can be found.

Another way in which short videos can be utilised to enhance your social media campaign, is to provide stop-motion videos, which condense an event you’ve hosted or attended, and include a link at the end point your audience in the direction of where they can find more information.

The benefit of using such videos to enhance your campaign, other than it providing your audience within information in the bite-size nuggets they crave, they can also be easily uploaded and shared across all other social media platforms.

If you want to find out more about how to utilise videos within your social media campaign, if you’re looking to create a unique online marketing campaign, or you need some help with the basics of any social media platform – contact our marketing team at JE Consulting.

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