In the first half of our 2011 Social Media Review, we looked at January until June, which covered everything from Ryan Giggs and Twitter to Google having another bite at the social media marketing cherry.

In the second part, we look at July through to December; as well as offering a few other titbits of information about social media and social media marketing throughout 2011.


Whilst one social media platform was joining forces with another key player within social media and technology; the world’s leading search engine was closing down some of its products.

In fact, the social media headlines throughout July seemed to be dominated by Facebook and Google alone.

Throughout July, Facebook joined forces with Skype to offer video-chat and at the same time, Facebook also blocked Google+ having access to the Facebook Friend Exporter.

Google also made the headlines, as they said goodbye to a handful of their services including WonderWheel – which was their real time search feature where tweets and other information appeared as they were happening.

Also saying bye was the relationship between News Corp and Myspace, with the former selling Myspace to Specific Media for $35million.


This was the month were the UK saw the best and the worst of social media in action; with the former seeing social media used as a place for some of the rioters to organise their next attack.

However, whilst there were a minority who were intent on using Facebook, Twitter and BBM as a way to cause disruption; there were a vast majority who quickly took to the same platforms to organise “Clean Ups” throughout London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and all the other cities affected; and the picture below is perhaps one of the most circulated via social media during the riots.


September was the month for Facebook’s annual conference, F8, was Mark Zuckerberg and the team announced planned changes they had for the foreseeable future.

Some of the changes that Facebook announced included:
• Introducing Graph Rank – a system that manages the discovery of Open Graph activity, which will help to show more engaging content to users while helping app users make better apps

• A New Timeline – Showing all your activity since you joined Facebook, from pictures through to comments – the idea behind the new timeline is to make it the main focal point of your Facebook account.


In terms of technology / social media and social media marketing news, there is only one story which dominated the headlines throughout October; and that was the untimely death of Steve Jobs.

As a key member of the Apple team, Steve Jobs pushed technology to the limit and it’s partly down to his visions and ideas that technology is as we know it today. Along with being a technological genius, he was also able to provide some inspirational yet funny quotes.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”


Cast your mind back to June (or scroll up the page) and you’ll remember the launch of Google+ and also the faux pas Google made by preventing businesses and brands from signing up.

Well November was the month that Google (finally) rectified this; as they rolled out Google+ Pages; in an attempt to rival Facebook Pages. At the time of writing, Google+ Pages haven’t hit the ground running; but that isn’t to say that they won’t grow throughout 2012.

Whilst Google were rectifying a faux pas from earlier in the year; another well-known brand was creating a storm on social media networks; and for all the wrong reasons.

If you’ve not heard about or read the story involving Quantas and their Twitter campaign, it is certainly worth looking for – especially as it provides a good example of how not to do social media marketing.

In summary, Quantas, following the bad publicity they’d received for striking and grounding their entire fleet, decided to launch a Twitter campaign, titled #QuantasLuxury in which they asked customers to tweet #QuantasLuxury followed by their dream flight. As you can imagine the campaign was quickly hijacked by consumers looking to vent their anger at the airline.


The changes within social media circles didn’t slow down just because the end of the year was approaching. In fact, it seems like the countdown to 2012 has sparked life into all social networking sites, as within a few days of each other they announced various changes.

LinkedIn have went for a minor change of introducing “Polls” into their Group section; whilst Twitter and Facebook went for rather dramatic design changes – although Facebook did technically announce a planned change back at F8 in September.

Along with introducing the new timeline, Facebook also announced plans to introduce “Sponsored Stories” within the newsfeed as of January 2012 – and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only change that Facebook will make during 2012.

Other Titbits of Social Media in 2011:

Social media and social media marketing seems to have gripped not only individuals and businesses throughout the UK, but also throughout much of the globe. Latest figures suggest that 55% of women and 45% of men actively use social media.

Another “interesting” is that 60% of Smartphone users admit to using social media whilst visiting the bathroom. Wherever you decide to access social media or engage with social media marketing, I hope you’ll join me in raising a glass to social media 2011, as we look forward to the next twelve months.

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