In recent weeks the updates which have been taking place on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have been covering the headlines when it comes to social media marketing. However, it is some of the older functions on these platforms which still stand businesses in good stead when it comes to attracting new and existing customers.

One such function which can help businesses interact with their target audience, attract a new audience and also promote their products and services, if maintained correctly, is the Facebook Fan page.

Unfortunately too many businesses, having set up a page are beginning to neglect it as other priorities take hold – and although it is understandable that social media marketing cannot always be the main focus of your business, it is as important as other advertising avenues, which is why it is of paramount importance to provide consistent updates to each platform you use – and the Facebook fan page is no different.

A recent webcam eye-tracker study of 30 participants provide an insight into the areas that audiences are likely to look at when visiting a Facebook page, whether for a brand they’re already familiar with or for a new brand.

With this in mind, here at JE Consulting, we’ve provided a few tips to help you provide a “Fan Page” which promotes your business in the correct light and also attracts your target audience.

Create the Perfect Fan Page:

You may be thinking that to create the perfect Facebook fan page for your social media marketing campaign, you’ll need to spend hours upon hours creating a bespoke background, researching and installing various apps which do this, that and the other; along with figuring out how to install flashy images.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Instead with consistent work throughout the year, you can create a fan page which attracts your audience and promotes your business – as long as you keep the following in mind.


The most notable finding from the study is that the content on the wall is the most important factor of the fan page; as this is the area the line of vision gravitated to the most.

As such, when updating your wall make sure the content you include is clear and concise. It should also be eye catching and where possible include a link to a relevant page either on your website or your blog.

It’s also important to keep important and relevant information at the top of your page as very few consumers will scroll through a Facebook Page to gain the information they’re after.

Along with including relevant information and links to various pages on your website within the content you post to your wall; the eye-tracker study also found that, 85% of the time, images used within content attract the eye.

So if you or your business are going to a business event / hosting one, going to an awards ceremony or have recently won at an event; or if you have a product or service which can be shown via an image, make sure to include it within your wall content.

Profile Pictures:

Within your Facebook Page, there are numerous chances for you to include images of your business which will hopefully attract your audience’s attention. One of these places is the “Profile Picture”. Unfortunately it’s also an area which the majority of businesses don’t take full advantage of.

The eye-tracker survey found that the majority of participants were attracted to profile pictures which showed a face, instead of a logo – and this was highlighted by 43% of visitors to one page not even noticing the logo that had been used for the profile; which could easily equate to a large amount of lost business if the rest of the content on the page didn’t attract their attention.

Instead, the findings suggest that an audience is more likely to notice the logo used on a Facebook page if it includes a face they can associate the business with.


As a method of measuring the impact your business page is having on its audience, the “Like” tab to the left of the page can be a fantastic tool. However, the findings from this study suggest that as little as 58% of visitors to a page pay attention to the number of “Likes” it has.

As a rule of thumb, businesses shouldn’t just consider the “Likes” or number of people talking about the page as a way to measure the reach; instead the insight app should be taken into more consideration, as this provides a more detailed look at how your page has been performing; as shown in the image below.

The findings of the eye-tracker study also found that on LinkedIn the job title section gained a lot of attention; whilst on Twitter who you know was of great interest to many visitors.

So if you want to enhance your social media marketing campaign going forward, why not invest some time in improving your Facebook Fan Page – making sure the content is of interest and the pictures attention grabbing? It could be the difference between your company being seen and not being seen within social media circles.