“How has your Twitter account performed as part of your social media marketing campaign, over the last twelve months? What, you don’t have one. Why not?”

One of the most common excuses for not managing a Twitter campaign is “time”. However, as mentioned in our previous blogs time shouldn’t prevent you from creating and maintaining a Twitter account for your business.

This is because, there is no need to spend hours a day updating or working on Twitter, or any of the other social networking platforms available. In fact too much time and too many updates per platform could have a more detrimental than positive effect on your campaign as your followers become overwhelmed with all the updates.

Instead ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon per platform, per a five-day working week is plenty to make sure that your social media platforms help you run a successful social media marketing campaign.

For those that are still unsure that they’d be able to spare the time to run a successful social media marketing campaign; and for those who wish to maximise the time they spend on each platform to increase the amount of interaction they have with their customers, especially via Twitter, these four tools are a must throughout 2012.


What is it? Put simply, ManageFlitter is an application which allows Twitter users to manage various aspects of their Twitter account at the click of a button.

Best Feature: The best feature of this application is that it allows Twitter users the opportunity to find out who isn’t following them back and also which accounts they follow are inactive, at the click of a button.

This means that there is no trawling through all the followers you have on Twitter to see who has and hasn’t updated recently.

Via ManageFlitter, users can also see who some of their most talkative and quieter users are – allowing them to target specific audience members.


What is it? TweetLevel is another web application, this time it allows you to see how much influence you have on Twitter and also find influencers within your industry sector.

By finding influencers, Twitter users are able to target their tweets towards them or engage them in conversation, with the aim of getting them to spread your message or information about your business / products / services – without directly asking for them to do so.

Best Feature: Not only does TweetLevel provide you information in regard to how much influence you have or how influential others users are, but it also shows information as to those who influence you, who you influence and other Twitter accounts who tweet about similar things.


What is it? This is yet another free app; however unlike MarketFlitter and Tweetlevel it doesn’t allow you to clean out your Twitter account or find influencers within your field; instead it offers the option for you to track any keyword, product or service necessary to help your social media marketing campaign work for your business.

Best Feature: Along with a simple search of a certain keyword each day, with a report coming to you at a time which fits in with when you work on your social media marketing campaign; via Twilert it’s possible to carry out a more advanced search.

Within an advanced search you can choose what you search for, when, from specific people / to specific people, and whether the tweets are positive, negative or asking a question – allowing you to monitor more closely what is being said about your business and helping you to combat any negative feedback in a positive way.

Twilert can also be used for Google too, helping you monitor two of your social media marketing platforms in one location.


What is it? Twylah helps your tweets become more than the 140 characteristics which are shown on Twitter; by producing them into a website, which offers your followers unique context.

By using Twylah you can provide your readers with an experience which shows them who you are and what you’re business is about at a glance. The producers of Twylah hope that by driving the engagement beyond a single tweet and into the whole of your content and biographical information, your followers – and therefore your audience – will receive a richer platform to view your mission, messages, and offers.

Best Feature: Twylah’s best feature which proves both beneficial for you as a business and also your audience is that is provides information in a neat fashion, dependent on the topic being tweeted about. I.e. all tweets about Facebook will show in the same section, all tweets about JE-Consulting would show in another, etc, etc.

By using these four free platforms within your social media marketing campaign, along with using traditional methods such as providing relevant, interesting and regular updates, you’ll see your social media marketing campaign, and in particular your Twitter campaign, benefit.

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