Visitors to the JE Consulting Twitter feed will recently have seen the news that fifty-percent of social media users feel overwhelmed by brand messages. So the question is, has the social media marketing bubble has already burst?

Far from it, in-fact social media marketing is still seen as an emerging market, as more businesses – from large corporations through to SMEs recognise the power online marketing offers – sign up to the various platforms available and run online marketing campaigns alongside existing forms of marketing.

However, whilst marketing via social media is still a powerful tool for businesses to utilise; it is an area of marketing which also involves many hurdles – which should be taken into consideration if you want to guarantee your campaign is a success.

It is worth thinking about your social media marketing campaign as the sixty-metre hurdles which forms one of the events in the pentathlon at this years World Indoor Championships.

Now we’re not asking you to complete your campaign in record time, instead whilst Olympic gold medallist hopeful Jessica Ennis is completing the 60m hurdles in a record time; for businesses carrying out their online marketing campaign, it is better to go slow and steady to ensure you overcome the following hurdles and finish the race.

Quality vs. Quantity:

Quality verses quantity is one of the most important hurdles you need to overcome during your campaign, and as luck would have it, it comes right at the beginning of the “race”.

Many businesses can be found guilty of going down the quantity instead of the quality route; but this is more likely to cause your campaign to stutter rather than flourish.

A top-tip when coming out of the starter’s blocks is to consider the social media platforms your using to be the same as your audiences mailbox. You wouldn’t cram as many leaflets of promotions, special offers and information into them as you can in a day, so why do it online?

Recent research has suggested that as many as seventy-five percent of social media users find two or more messages a day from a brand too much; whilst sixty percent are more interested in the quality and creativity of what is being said, not how often it is being said.

If you want to keep your followers, engage your audience and spread your reach further, then you need to make sure your updates are creative, grammatically correct and there are no spelling errors – which leads us onto the second hurdle.

Engaging Content:

Your marketing campaign needs to engage your audience if it is going to work. Unfortunately twenty percent of online users find that incentives offered by businesses aren’t worth the effort, whilst forty percent don’t want to share brand interactions with friends.

So how do you reach your audience and engage them with your content?

Each platform is different as is each member of your audience, therefore what works on / for one, may not work on / for another. The key is to alter your message for each platform and to remain creative at the same time.

Thankfully this isn’t as hard as it sounds, as each platform – from Twitter to LinkedIn – has its own tools available, such as the infamous hash-tag on Twitter.

They all also have the ability to support images and website links, meaning your updates no longer have to be just text based, instead you now have the option to wow your audience with interesting pictures or direct them to more informative short videos.


The final hurdle is often a stumbling block for many businesses, as they juggle to find time to concentrate on the core elements of their business whilst also running a successful online marketing campaign.

Thankfully, it is a hurdle which can be easily straddled, if you have the right strategy in place.

Time spent working on your social media campaign doesn’t have to be a significant amount, to make it successful.

In all honesty, twenty minutes a day is plenty of time to run an online marketing campaign, if you know what you’re doing; as within this time you’ll be able to respond to any only enquiries you’ve received, engage with your audience and look at new avenues to pursue to improve your campaign further.

The Finish Line:

Overcoming these hurdles will see you cross the finish line, and hopefully collect a well-earned following of audience members who are interested in what you have to say, your business and what you’re offering – although it is worth remembering that audience reach doesn’t always mean ROI.

As such, the moment you cross the finish line, you’re back in the starting blocks because as with athletes competing at the World Indoor Championships, success is short lived. If you want to continue engaging your audience and succeeding in social media marketing, you need to keep going, and after each “race” start again, improving each time.

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