When it comes to social media marketing, there are a few websites and tools which stand out from the crowd and are often the ones businesses of all shapes and sizes turn to when looking to improve and expand their social media marketing strategy.

This weekend, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, one of the biggest social media marketing tools, told the DLD Technology conference, in Munich, that Twitter is much more than a social networking site and it has no time to worry about newcomers.

During the conference, along with highlighting stating that he believes Twitter is more than a social network and doesn’t need to worry about newcomers, Dorsey told the audience:

“Social is just one part of what we do. We think of it as an information utility. You don’t have to tweet at all. The biggest value is finding out what’s happening in your world in real time.”

He also added, when questioned about the site making money: “Twitter’s business model has been in development for quite some time, and it works.

“Advertisers use it and we see them coming back for more. The market has vetted and confirmed that they want to keep using it. Twitter’s ‘promoted’ products are currently seeing a three to five percent engagement.”

Whilst I find Dorsey’s comments surrounding Twitter interesting, both from a personal and professional stance; however I also feel that the comment: “You don’t have to tweet at all, the biggest value is finding out what’s happening in your world in real time” is a little bit of base.

There is no denying that Twitter is a great tool to find out about breaking news, after all you only need to look at some of the national and international news stories which broke on the platform last year – such as the death of Bin Laden and the London Riots – to see that Twitter is a great tool to find news, views and opinions on all matters.

But, to get the most relevant news for your industry, I believe it is important that you also tweet. After all Twitter is the online equivalent to a conversation and there cannot be a conversation if both people don’t participate.

Participating in Twitter by tweeting yourself offers your social media marketing campaign a range of benefits, alongside helping you find industry specific information and news.

By participating in a two-way conversation via Twitter, which involves:

• sharing news – both industry relevant and news relevant to your business / target audience
• retweeting information you’ve found useful
• responding to other users comments, questions, etc

You’ll be able to build a following, relevant to your industry / tweets, which will in turn help you receive more information relevant to your world, in real time; which in turn opens your social media marketing strategy up to reach more of your target audience.

If the platform is used correctly as part of your social media marketing strategy, this can continue in a never-ending-cycle, with the more you tweet and use the tools Twitter has available (i.e. hash tags) the more information you receive in return and the wider your audience reach is.

Along with helping you reach a wider audience and receive more information relevant to your “world” by participating in Twitter you also open your business up to the possibility of receiving further visits to your website (if links are included, when relevant into tweets), which can potentially turn into leads and then ROI; helping your business to expand and grow.

So whilst Jack Dorsey is correct that Twitter isn’t just a social network, to make it successful for your social media marketing campaign you cannot solely rely on the information other users provide, instead you have to join the party.

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