Social media marketing over the last few years has boomed for businesses. Whilst internet forums and traditional forms of marketing are still important and worthwhile avenues to pursue when looking to interact with existing and potential customers and business connections, there can be no hiding from the importance social media networking plays in this field.

Yet there are some businesses who, whilst they have a presence on various social media platforms aren’t utilising them to their full potential – and one of the main criticisms which can be labelled at many social media marketing campaigns is that they’re too complex.

The main principle of social media networks is micro-blogging, meaning that your customer’s on each platform want to receive relevant information in short snippets, not spend ages waiting to get to the important facts and figures you’re sharing.

With this in mind, here at JE Consulting, we offer some advice on how to keep some of the main elements of your social media marketing campaign simple and therefore consumer friendly.

The Big Two: Twitter & Facebook:

Twitter is the perhaps one of the only social media networks out available for businesses to use, where keeping it simple seems to be enforced via their 140 character limit.

Although there are websites available which allow you to extend your tweets, as a rule of thumb if you cannot fit it comfortably into the 140 characters then it shouldn’t be shared on Twitter.

When updating your Twitter status, I’d recommend not using all 140 characters. By using less, you enable other users to retweet what you’re sharing, at the same time as adding their own thoughts – which will help your business engage with its audience.

NB: Along with using less than the 140 characters available, remember not to make your tweets all “Me,Me,Me” after all, as Nathan Matthews of Kuru Footwear rightly pointed out, “People aren’t on Twitter to be advertised to…”

The rules mentioned above for Twitter should be applied to Facebook too. Whilst there isn’t the character constraint on Facebook, no-one wants to sit through too much information when visiting Facebook (or any social media platform). Instead you should keep your updates short and sweet.

If you are advertising a particular product or service to your audience via Twitter or Facebook, instead of filling the update with loads of information, why not include a link to the relevant page on your company website, or an image / video showing off the product / service – after all “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


Youtube currently receives roughly 800 million viewers a month and its vice-president of content partnerships, Robert Kynci, recently said that they want users to spend more time on the platform.

Whilst from a social media perspective it’ll be interesting to see how Youtube achieve this; from a business perspective it’s a great opportunity to create a channel on the platform and utilise the audience already visiting the site.

Youtube videos don’t have to be all about the next singing sensation, dogs on skateboards or embarrassing trips. Instead, a Youtube channel can be used by businesses to show their products in action, giving the audience a better understanding of how the product works.

The website can also be utilised by those companies who are better at describing their services verbally rather than in written format; plus by describing your services in a video, you can clearly demonstrate your passion for it.

Everything already seems to be in place for businesses to intergrate Youtube into their social media marketing strategy – a good audience base and an easy to use site. All that’s left is for you to add your videos.

Remember when doing so, the audience don’t want to sit their for ten minutes watching a demonstration or listening to your talk about your services, instead they want the relevant information provided to them in bitesize chunks. There is no reason why in the space of three minutes you cannot promote your service and / or product enough to entice your audience.

The Company Blog:

Are you looking to share the news about an industry award your business or an individual within it has received recently? Do you want to spread the news about your fantastic new product or service? Or are you looking for a platform to promote your business to the masses?

Whichever one you’ve answered yes to, the company blog is the place to do this; and because you have control over the content you can be as promotional as you like.

However, when writing your company blog there are a few points you should keep in mind.

1) If the blog comes across as being too “Me, Me, Me” or biased towards your products / services, your target audience will soon turn off.

To prevent this from happening, why not make every other blog or every third blog that is uploaded to your site about general industry news, or a blog offering tips, advice and guidance?

By doing so, your audience will become engaged and your blog will gain more authority online for being an “expect” within your particular field; which could potentially lead to an increased ROI.

2) If the blog goes on and on and on, again your target audience will switch-off and leave the site.

Understandably there are some blogs which either the writing bug takes over and you cannot help but type a long blog, or the topic in question requires a lot of detail. If this is the case, why not break the blog up by using heading and / or images every so often? It’ll give the eyes a rest and help keep your audiences attention.

By keeping your social media marketing campaign short, simple and sweet throughout all platforms you’re more likely to attract your audience and once you’ve done this, you can begin to engage them in conversation to guarantee that your social media success isn’t short lived.

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