Last week, we explained how running a successful social media marketing campaign for your business isn’t as simple as logging onto the internet, creating an account on one or two of the platforms and adding a bit of content every now and then.

To help you begin building a successful social media marketing campaign, we provided you with the real A-M of the social media marketing alphabet, which included thinking about your audience and content, whilst also explaining why it’s important to interact and monitor your campaign.

This week, in the final part, we look at N-Z, providing more top tips to help you create a social media marketing campaign which looks after you, your business and your audience.


Networking: Without networking via social media, you’re not going to be able to build up any steam with your marketing campaign.

It’s therefore important, once you have found your niche marketing and target audience that you network with them, engaging them in conversation, listening to what they have to say and sharing tips and advice when applicable

News: The news you share via social media, whether it’s about your business or about the industry you work within is important, as it helps to build a picture for your audience of what your brand image is.

As such, when sharing news, make sure it is new, topical, relevant and most of all interesting to your audience. You should also vary your news to make sure it isn’t always about you and your business/brand/products/services.


Opportunities: You’re social media marketing campaign, if used correctly can open various opportunities for you and your business, so it’s important to make sure that you check all feedback received on a regular basis and respond to it. After all it could lead to a massive deal, therefore proving to be a good ROI.


Pro-Active: As with in all areas of business, you need to be pro-active, and with your social media marketing campaign, it’s the same.

A pro-active approach to the marketing can see you gain those valuable hits from your audience which turns into an ROI; whilst being pro-active and first with industry news or someone who offers advice, guidance and tips will see you become a reliable, trustworthy source – again helping to bring in leads.

Platforms: Don’t limit yourself to one or two platforms when carrying out your social media marketing. Instead take advantage of any that you can realistically manage, from social networks through to blogs, bookmarking and forums.

The more you can use effectively, consistently and regularly, the more you’ll be able to get your message and marketing campaign out to as wide an audience as possible.


Quality: Whilst it’s important to regularly update your social media marketing campaign, quality is more important than quantity. Don’t update for the sake of it, make sure the news you’re sharing – whether a video, image or lexis – is worth sharing and beneficial to your audience.

Question: Whenever you carry out an update, question why you’re doing it, what you hope to achieve from it and what your overall goal is. It’s also important to question the results of your campaign as this will help you improve month on month.


Respond: Social media marketing is a two way thing, especially when using forums and networks. As such you should always respond to comments you receive.

If you receive a negative comment, try and turn it into a positive, be pro-active, offer a solution or a valid point. If you receive a recommendation on one of the networks, say thank you, after all, as a leading supermarket says “every little helps”.

Resources: There are numerous resources available on the internet which if utilised correctly can help improve your online marketing campaign, with new ones coming out each day, so why not take advantage of them?

If you find a new resource, why not share it with your contacts via social media too?


Share: By sharing, we don’t just mean sharing your news, images, etc, but share others views if it is interesting or relevant to you, chances are it’ll be interesting and relevant to at least some, if not all of your target audience – and the more you can give, the more you receive in return.

Strategy: Although it falls towards the lower half of the social media marketing alphabet, the strategy is perhaps one of the most important aspects.

Before you begin creating a profile on any network, joining forums or uploading content, you need to have a strategy of who you want to target, what message(s) you want to spread and how you plan on doing so.

To help guarantee that your campaign is successful throughout its life, its also important to amend, develop and alter the strategy, depending on the results your garnering from it.


Topical: The quality and quantity of content which makes up your campaign isn’t the only thing which makes it successful, so does the relevance of your updates and messages.

At JE Consulting, we cannot stress how important it is to keep up to date with the latest news within your industry, making sure that you keep your social media marketing campaign topical and relevant, therefore appealing to your audience whilst also being seen as more of a source of trust.


Understanding: Understanding covers various elements of a social media marketing campaign, from understanding what your audience are after, how they like to receive their information and how to interact with them; through to understanding the terminology and abbreviations of various platforms.

When looking at social media marketing to promote your business, brand and products, you also need to have an understanding of how each platform works and what you can expect to achieve.

The best way to gain this understanding is to carry out thorough research as part of your social media strategy, before jumping into the deep end of social media.


Versatile: Social media is forever changing, with new areas emerging, former platforms disappearing and different sites becoming flavour of the month.

To make sure that you can stay on top, not only do you need to constantly update, amend and improve your social media marketing strategy, but you need to make sure that your campaign remains versatile and can be carried across each platform available, whether it be via blogging, forums, text messaging, email or social networks, versatility is key.


Work: Whether you’re a small accountancy firm, a large independent legal firm or the local health trust, your social media marketing isn’t going to be a success over night. It’s going to require constant work, not only to get up and running, but to maintain, improve and build up.

There are too many businesses who have started a campaign, ran out of time to continue it and ceased all work. Unfortunately, they’ve left their profiles on various platforms available, and as touched on in previous blogs, a profile which is left dormant can be more detrimental than not having a campaign.

As part of your strategy, you need to consider whether you can put in the work required to be successful. If not, don’t rule out running a campaign, contact JE Consulting who can manage and run your campaign on your behalf.

Wow: Your marketing campaign shouldn’t be mundane. If you want to entice, engage and influence your target audience, you need to make sure that it WOWs them.

Top Tip: Including videos, images, presentations and podcasts as part of your marketing campaign


X-Ray: When we’re talking about “X-Ray” what we mean is transparency (we couldn’t think of anything for X).

You need to be transparent with what your trying to achieve with your campaign, don’t hide messages. If you want to promote a product of yours, be open about it, if you want people to read your blog, ask them to.


You: The success of your social media marketing campaign depends on YOU and what YOU share with your audience, and as such only YOU have the influence over how successful it becomes.


Zeal: Whilst it’s ultimately down to you about how successful your social media marketing campaign is, you also need to have zeal (aka: passion, eagerness, enthusiasm) for your campaign and the areas of social media that your using.

If you’re not enthusiastic about the messages you’re sharing, how can you expect your audience to be?

Running a successful social media marketing campaign isn’t going to be easy, but as social media becomes more popular with consumers and businesses alike, getting your message spread via the various platforms is essential, and keeping the 26 tips mentioned throughout this two part blog in mind will help your campaign grow, expand and become a success.

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