Whilst many had their eyes on the Chancellor’s budget today, hoping to find a glimmer of financial hope; there were the few who will have been celebrating a milestone in the social media marketing world – the sixth birthday of Twitter.

That’s right, six years ago today, Twitter was born with an innocuous 140-character tweet, sent by the micro-blogging sites co-founder, Jack Dorsey; and just like any proud parent will remember their child’s first word, at JE Consulting we can still remember the first tweet, sent on March 21st 2006 at 3:50pm……………“Just setting up my twttr”.

Six years later, and Twitter has grown from a company which employed five people, to a firm which has over 800 employees and is used around the world by businesses, organisations, charities and individuals alike.

Over the six years, Twitter has grown into one of the most powerful marketing and communicating tools available to anyone who has access to the internet, and below we look a select few key milestones that Twitter has achieved since that very first tweet.

It’s a Numbers Game:

In the social media marketing world, numbers count – and some of the key numbers for Twitter include the number of tweets sent and the number of users; so those behind Twitter will be keen to remember that:

• It only took three years, two months and one day to reach a billion tweets
• 2011, 60 billion tweets were sent out
• There are more than 100 million users right now
• Twitter is now valued at more than $10 billion

A few other firsts which Twitter has achieved already in six short years, include the first tweet from space, which was sent by NASA astronaut TJ Creamer from the International Space Station on January 22nd 2010; and the first product launch was on October 28th 2006.

Over the Years:

Over the last six years, Twitter, despite often being criticised by some for being mundane and trivial, has played a major part in some of the world’s biggest events; often being a key source for breaking news.

The site has also been a key element in people losing their jobs over the years too; a lot to achieve in six short years.

And Twitter’s Present:

As Twitter turned six, it didn’t take time to enjoy the cake and party; instead the micro-blogging site continued to push on in its challenge to become the number one social networking site – and also giving something back (in a roundabout way) to businesses using the site; by rolling out promoted tweets to feature on mobile platforms.

Twitter, confirmed the start of the roll out, in a blog, saying:

“For years, brands around the world have used Twitter to reach consumers with timely, relevant deals, discounts, news and information. And every day, millions of Twitter users who follow brands are turning to their mobile devices to hear from the companies they care about most.

“As with the launch of Promoted Tweets in user timelines on Twitter.com, we started by showing them in the timeline only for those users already following the advertiser. Since we began testing three weeks ago, reactions have been positive.

“Starting today, we are expanding this test, enabling brands to target Promoted Tweets to mobile users that share similar interests with their existing followers.”

Twitter’s present to its users certainly shows that it the social networking tool has no plans to sit back and relax after achieving six years towards the top; and this can only be promising for businesses that are utilising the platform for their social media marketing needs.

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