The world of social media marketing is fast paced and forever changing, which can make it difficult for businesses to keep up with which platforms are best for what, and which platforms they should be using.

Yet, amongst all the new social media platforms and networks which are available, there is a platform, which since 2005 has been providing a valuable social media marketing tool – its name? Youtube.

When thinking of Youtube, you may think of videos showing animals on skateboards, playing an instrument or comedy clips of people you’ve never heard of attempting a sporting event, only to embarrass themselves.

However, beyond the comedy videos and viral clips, Youtube, if utilised in the right manner can be a powerful business tool – and one which shouldn’t be left out of your social media marketing toolbox.

Why Should I Use Youtube?

Putting aside any former beliefs you have about Youtube, whatever business sector you work within, Youtube can be utilised to promote your business, brand, services and products.

In all honesty, there isn’t any industry that cannot benefit from the advantages Youtube offers to social media marketing.

For those businesses that have products which are best shown live, doing what they’ve been made to do, Youtube is a great way to reach out to your audience, as you’re able to promote the products doing what they do best, whilst reaching out to an audience which may not necessarily be able to normally gain access to your business.

Youtube however, isn’t just a tool which can be used to promote a product, it can also be used to promote a service and for reviews of your business to be posted. We’re not talking about putting together a slideshow of images via Youtube, but instead having short videos of your business partners discussing the areas they specialise in.

After all, how can you show the passion you have for something within writing? Whereas via speech and video, passion comes across naturally – helping your target audience believe in what you’re offering them.

If you’re within the industry where you provide seminars, webinars or business events, why not take along a laptop with a webcam and get visitors to record a review, which can then be uploaded to your Youtube channel for your target audience to see?

When Should I Use It?

There is no time like the present to join Youtube and improve your social media marketing toolbox; once you’ve signed up, as with all social media marketing platforms you should make sure that you regularly update your channel by adding new, fresh and engaging content which entices your target audience.

A further benefit of joining Youtube now, is that over the last couple of months the platform has introduced a number of changes.

These changes not only make it a more accessible website for visitors to view videos of interest to them; but the changes also make it more accessible for businesses to market their products and services – and as such, it’s a platform which shouldn’t be ignored, any longer, when compiling and developing your social media marketing platform.

Since December 2011, Youtube has not only undergone a redesign of its homepage, providing a sleeker website which is easy to navigate, it has also made changes to the browse page, the video editor and video manager.

Browse Page – Long gone are the days of getting lost in an endless stream of videos, instead the browse page not boasts a cleaner design which focusing on discovering new channels and videos; along with displaying the most viewed videos and recommendations based on your past viewing habits.

Video Editor – Even if you’re not an expert at editing videos, via Youtube you can make your videos look professional and sleek, helping to boost your brands image and social media marketing profile.

Video Manager – Following feedback to changes Youtube had previously made to this section, the site have since re-introduced the “Like” and “Dislike” statistics as well as the ability to sort your videos by popularity, helping you review how well your videos are performing.

Along with benefiting from the above changes, businesses can benefit from the basic uses of Youtube by:

Connecting To Other Social Media Marketing Platforms – Youtube allows your Facebook and Twitter platforms to be synced with your Youtube channel, meaning whenever you upload, like, comment on or favourite a video, an automatic update it sent to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, promoting this.

This enables you to reach your audience via video form, even if they’re not on Youtube.

So by taking advantage of these new changes that Youtube have introduced, by regularly uploading videos to your business’ channel and by using relevant keywords within the title and descriptions of your Youtube videos; Youtube really can be an important and vital tool within your social media marketing toolbox.

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