Social media, for many this phrase means Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and co. Yet these platforms are only half of the social media umbrella and if you want to generate more leads via social media marketing, it’s important to ensure your business takes advantage of the other half – content marketing and guest blogging.

Neither of these platforms are new to the social media table, yet they are often overlooked by businesses looking to engage with their audience via social media.

However, in such a competitive market, it’s important for businesses to stand out from their competitors; for some this can feel a bit like the school-classroom scenario where pupils strain to get their hand the highest in the hope of answering the question asked by the teacher.

With the help of content marketing and guest blogging, you could see your “hand” reach the highest and get spotted every time.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing in itself is an umbrella term for creating online content for promotional purposes, which is of high quality, relevant and appeals to the target audience. By successfully incorporating content marketing into the social media marketing strategy, businesses – from SMEs to large national organisations – can benefit from:

• The opportunity to include organic links and increase your sites SEO. – By writing copy for your site, you have the opportunity to organically produce links for various pages of your website. But be careful not to overfill your copy.

Top Tip: When writing new content to be added to your site, make sure that you include the keyword in the opening paragraph – and link this to the relevant page on your website – and in the final paragraph – this should be bold tagged.

• Extra promotion. – Because the content is being hosted on your website, you can be as promotional as you wish. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t step over the fine line which turns your copy into an informative, engaging and interesting promotional piece, into something which your audience cannot relate too.

• Boosting your SERP. – For any website engaging in search engine optimisation, the main aim is to reach position 1, page 1 and stay there. With regular unique content being updated to your website, you stand a chance of achieving this goal, as your website builds up authority and links, therefore climbing up the search engine results – which has the added benefit of meaning your likely to be spotted by your target audience.

By using content marketing on your website, your able to entice your audience via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – and then provide them with more details via your website – a link to the relevant page should be included in all updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging also fall under the umbrella of content marketing; however this is a more specific form and enables businesses to not only promote their products and services via social media, but also forge online relationships to help with the promotion.

Typically, guest blogging involves you writing a blog on a subject which interests you and in which you know about (i.e. social media marketing) and then contacting the webmaster of a blog within the niche market, to see if they’d be happy to host the blog for you.

Where it differs from content marketing is that it cannot be as promotional, after all you’re not hosting it. But this doesn’t mean it cannot be beneficial; in-fact by talking broadly about a subject it gives you the opportunity to expand on your knowledge and share your wisdom, which will show you as an authority on the subject – helping you to attract your target audience.

As with content marketing, it’s recommended to use your keywords in the opening and closing paragraphs – although it will be up to the webmaster whether they except links within the body of the article. If they don’t, it’s likely they’ll allow a link within the author bio, which should read something along the lines of:

Written by Mike Younger, a content writer for a leading social media marketing company who specialise in social media for accountants and care homes.

Guest blogging offers a variety of benefits to you, including:

• The opportunity to reach a wider audience in your niche – if your blog is hosted on a high authority and well respected website, their will be a selection of your audience who you haven’t reached before; therefore increasing traffic to your site.

• SEO benefits – by including links either within the main body or within the author bio, you’ll be building up back-links to your website, which will improve its SEO in the long run.

• Improve authority – if you’re able to build up back-links from reputable websites and also add relevant content to your own site (via content marketing) there is no reason why you cannot build your websites authority.

Have any of you already incorporated content marketing or guest blogging into your social media marketing strategy? Have you seen the rewards – why not share your experiences, tips and advice in the comment section.

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