An interesting new study into social media habits in the UK has revealed that almost half (40 per cent) of Britons would be willing to let an emerging brand or business ‘sponsor’ their personal profile pictures.

As social media continues to grow in popularity and importance, users who have built up a large following are becoming increasingly hopeful that they will be hand-picked to promote their favourite companies and develop “mutually beneficial relationships” with emerging businesses.

The research, which was carried out by online marketplace in collaboration with YouGov, found that 36 per cent of today’s social media users would be willing to let brands ‘sponsor’ every photo they post online to sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

It also found that 37 per cent would be more than happy to wear a t-shirt or jumper bearing a large image of a brand’s logo for a whole month.

A further 19 per cent said that they would be happy to do this for an entire year – while five per cent said that they would be willing to get a brand’s logo permanently tattooed onto their body!

Naturally, the findings pose fantastic opportunities for emerging brands and businesses that are trying to raise their profile on the internet by taking advantage of such mutually beneficial relationships.

In a recent interview with Real Business magazine, a London-based fashion blogger named Natalie said that she had enjoyed exactly this kind of relationship with a prominent clothing brand, which contacted her after she had built up a large number of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

“I managed to gather a large following, which is when a well-established brand proposed to me some sponsorship possibilities,” she said.

“Since I admired their design and innovation, I decided I would be happy to regularly wear their clothing and then, visually post it on my blog and social media channels to promote the brand.

“So far it’s been very fruitful,” she said.

“These sorts of arrangements work best when a company collaborates with influencers who are the most relevant to their industry, as that’s when it really feels mutual and authentic,” she added.

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