As the year quickly comes to an end it is understandable that many professionals will be reflecting on practices which they have undertaken, over the last twelve months, in a bid to evaluate their progress ready for making improvements in 2013.

One such area which should be evaluated is your social media usage. It is likely that many professionals will, along with creating a Twitter and Facebook profile, will have created a profile on LinkedIn with the best intentions of using it on a regular basis to share knowledge, tips and advice; to network with likeminded professionals and to reach out to a target audience, using what is fast becoming considered a powerful and beneficial marketing tool.

However, over time as other professional matters take precedence it is likely that the time spent using social media to reach your audience has taken a back-seat, and before you know it months have passed since you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile.

Getting back onto LinkedIn is also likely to seem harder as more things crop up which distract you from adding that update you’ve been meaning to add for the last few days.

With the New Year fast approaching, why not make 2013 the year for your social media? After all, spending even a small amount of time each week on LinkedIn can bring about large rewards, both in terms of building your connections with like-minded business individuals, and enhancing your position as an expert within your field.

For example, spending thirty minutes per week, proactively working on your LinkedIn profile can see you appear in more search results on the social network – which brings about it an increased chance of your profile being viewed by a potential business connection or client; whilst enabling you to find more worthwhile connections.

Spending time wisely on LinkedIn each week should see you taking advantage of the various opportunities and functions LinkedIn offers; so if during your first week back on the profile you spend your thirty minutes enhancing your profile by including updated information surrounding the professional roles you have; the second week should be spent networking with connections in one form or another.

Some of the best ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile, which will help you stand out to potential clients and connections, is to join and participate in one of the many groups available; as these provide you with the perfect platform to share your experience within your field.

If the groups you’re looking for don’t allow you to express your expertise as much as you would like, or if the level of interaction within the groups that you join dwindles, look for other groups or better still, create your own open group – invite your current LinkedIn connections and encourage them to invite their connections and interact.

The opportunities for how you can spend your thirty minutes on your LinkedIn profile are endless; however for the best practices on how to enhance your LinkedIn profile, why not join the “Social Media Marketing for Accountants and Solicitors” group and receive the “How to Spend Thirty Minutes Per Week on LinkedIn” guide – which will be added early in the New Year; along with regular tips, advice and news surrounding not only LinkedIn but a variety of social media platforms.

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