Now and then a social media website decides it’s high time for a facelift.

This month it was Twitter’s turn to roll-out a new feature, with the Moments tab becoming available to UK users.

Click on the lightning bolt logo on the top of the screen and you’ll be taken to a new page which collates breaking news stories from across Twitter into once space.

If you’re a business which has never found the time to create your own lists – helping to filter the sometimes overwhelming amount of content in your newsfeed – this is actually a pretty useful tool.

Of course not every set of stories is going to be of great importance to your particular line of work. For instance, the day we first hit the logo we were bombarded with a flood of reactions to the sacking of maverick football manager Jose Mourinho.

But let’s say you’re an Accountancy firm looking for the headline announcements on Budget day, or a solicitors who has just heard that a particularly interesting case has concluded.

It’s times like this that the Moments tab will really come into its own, allowing you to get the facts quickly and efficiently.

The editorial team responsible for collating the content all have a background in journalism, helping ensure that the pieces sourced and included are going to be both relevant and informative. To be clear, this is not the work of a rather erratic computer program!


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