On a fair few occasions this blog has touched on the ongoing debate about when the best time is to share content on social media.

Our social media team recently came across an interesting infographic which offered a more nuanced view than many other examples of previous research.

Instead of telling every business that they need to be ready to hit “send” at three o’clock on a Thursday afternoon, the data suggests that a lot depends on the type of industry you work in and even the social media platform in question.

As you can see from the infographic, the analysts have looked at five key sectors and each has a slightly different profile.

On the one hand the number of dates and times corresponding to different websites is a bit overwhelming. You will see that every one of the seven days features at least once (although Sunday, surprisingly, only makes one slot.) Similarly the optimum time to post appears to vary from seven o’clock in the morning through to nine at night.

That said, this data also illustrates the importance of knowing your target audience. Ultimately as a business you will have a good idea about your customer profile and you don’t necessarily need to be a social media expert to make educated guesses about when they’re likely to be active online.

Also worth bearing in mind, is that while the timing of posts is important, it is one of several factors likely to influence the level of response you receive. The actual content itself and the frequency of updates are just as significant when it comes to engaging with your audience.


Credits to: TrackMaven

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