The popularity of social media has escalated, with more and more businesses choosing to be part of the phenomenon whilst reaping the benefits of having a social media programme in place.

So what part of the social media strategy is most effective? Is it your Facebook account, Tweets on Twitter, or linking up on LinkedIn?
Well, yes they are all extremely effective in promoting your business, attracting new clientele and sustaining an online presence, however, let’s not forget the company blog. One of the earliest components of social media, the company blog still has lots of potential in providing value to your company.

Why is the company blog such an integral part of a social media programme?

A company blog is an area for you to publish useful, insightful information and commentary that’s relevant to the markets you serve. You will be one step beyond your competition by showcasing your knowledge and experience in the services you are offering.

It is also a fantastic device in enabling you to sharpen your sales pitch to prospective clients. A company can have the best products and services on offer but without an effective sell they will not succeed.

The company blog can help you to determine which sales pitch works, as you are forced to express your ideas in writing, which many people in business would find difficult to do.

A blog will also add some personality to your company, and will show that the company isn’t run by robots! It doesn’t matter who writes the blog – it could be the founder, CEO, a copywriter – it will make your company feel more approachable and potential clients will respond positively to this.

And let’s not forget SEO. If the content in your blog is packed with quality content, which is cleverly filled with key words and phrases that potential clients will be attracted to, then you are on to a winner.

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