On March 21st 2013, the social networking site Twitter turned seven – and over the last seven years, since co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first ever tweet, an automated message which simply read “just setting up my twttr” – Twitter has grown into a powerful online marketing tool.

Back in August 2012, we wrote a blog explaining why Twitter is a numbers game when it comes to measuring success in the simplest form on the website. Now we’ve decided to turn that on its head and to help celebrate 7 years of Twitter, we’re bringing you a few figures, which show why neither professionals or businesses should continue to ignore the powerful presence Twitter has when it comes to online marketing.

Reach the Masses:
According to the latest Twitter statistics available, there are over 200 million users of Twitter worldwide; with David Cameron and George Osborne being just two of the active Twitter users, with the latter creating his Twitter account on the day of his fourth budget.

With ten million active users on Twitter in the UK alone, and 11 accounts being created worldwide each second; there is no reason why as a business or professional you cannot reach the masses, and build up a worthwhile following based on your expertise in a particular field.

However, reaching the masses on Twitter is not just about following as many users as possible, or about endless tweets that share news, views or tips without participating in conversations with other users.

Instead, to help you reach the masses Twitter should be seen as a giant dinner party; where etiquette, manners and patience are all required to enable you to become noticed and have your say. You should also ensure, as you would at a dinner party that your topic of conversation is not all “me, me, me” if you want to make a (good) lasting impression.

Use the Tools Available:
After seven years of Twitter, the hashtag (#) seems to have become a common place in the written language; with it seemingly impossible to watch a television programme without the hashtag being used.

But did you know that the hashtag tool on Twitter wasn’t an original tool?

Rumour has it, that the hashtag wasn’t even a tool the founders of Twitter introduced; instead it was introduced by the users of Twitter themselves and was first used in August 2007, in an attempt to bundle conversation about a global technology conference.

Another first for Twitter in 2007, was the first retweet – and in the six years since the first hashtag and retweet took place, both tools have become as commonplace on Twitter as the 140 character limit.

Both hashtags and retweets can be very powerful tools when it comes to marketing yourself and your firm; as both can help you reach a wider audience.

For example, the hashtag works as a search facility, allowing users to find tweets which relate to similar topics, for example as the Chancellor was outlining his budget on March 20th, #Budget2013 was being commonly used on Twitter – providing a source for budget related tweets.

Whilst the hashtag works as a search facility; the retweet button – as the name suggests – enables users to share another tweet which they have found useful, insightful or interesting, etc.

Market Yourself Wherever, Whenever:
Long gone are the days when you had to be sat at your desktop to use the internet. Since Twitter launched seven years ago, the internet has changed significantly and Twitter has adapted with it.

Figures suggest that eighty percent of Twitter users in the UK use their smartphones to access the site, compared to sixty percent worldwide – showing the importance of keeping your own Twitter account updated wherever you are.

In addition to 80% of UK users connecting to Twitter via mobile devices, over the last seven years tweets have also been sent from outer-space and from the ocean floor – showing that there really are no limits as to when you can and cannot tweet.

7 More Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter:
Whilst other social networking platforms have fallen by the wayside; Twitter has grown from strength to strength – and below are seven more things you may not have known about Twitter:

1. It took 3years, 2months and 1day for Twitter to register its first billion tweets – now it takes roughly two-and-a-half days to register a billion tweets

2. The iconic blue bird of Twitter is called “Larry Bird” – after a former Boston Celtics basketball player

3. Roughly 400 million tweets are sent each day

4. 47,815 Twitter accounts have been verified by Twitter – yet surprisingly, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s account isn’t one of them

5. 40% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet

6. More searches take place on Twitter than on Bing and Yahoo combined

7. 92% of Twitter users say they would retweet interesting content

See…..as we said in August 2012, Twitter really is a numbers game; and here is to the next 7 years of the online marketing changing social network.

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