Developing a brand-centric social media strategy is crucial so that you can save time and money. As if you have worthy content to give users you can reach a significant yet tailored audience.

It’s key to know your brand values and to translate that onto the social platforms but also to take into account what your ideal users will want to seek out and follow.

Instagram has massive potential; below details what you need to do in order to properly build your business brand on Instagram:

1. Your profile

Your profile is where your business branding should start on Instagram, start by featuring an appropriate featured logo of the company. Then fill out the description field to explain to people what you do, you only have 150 characters so make sure this is a clear and compelling statement make sure to include hashtags that define your business.

Remember that if you even have a promotion with a relevant hashtag, you can update your profile accordingly. Include in your profile you can add a link which initially can redirect the user to your homepage but alternatively could be used for a landing page for a free giveaway.

2. Your posts

Consistency is key and not just in your posting schedule, there needs to be a common theme in all of your images.

Instagram is not a platform to post numerous adverts on; followers want to see who is behind the brand and that needs to be kept in mind when posting to ensure you are targeting your core audience.

Nevertheless, followers still want to view your new products and another key tool to utilise is to re-direct them to a link in your bio, whether this is a limited edition product or prize giveaway it is perfect for tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

3. Your competition

Evaluating your competitors can provide great insight into what hashtags are effective in your industry and to also find new followers who are interested in what you do.

Follow your competition yourself and comment on their posts with real insight. This not only helps your brand find new people and grows your audience. But it also puts you in a position where users will be able to see you, allowing more exposure and ultimately increasing your brand awareness.

By understanding your community that is relevant to your industry, becoming a part of it and defining and owning a hashtag for your business.

Starting this can be tricky but maintaining it can be even harder. A dead brand on Instagram sends a bad message to users, and with 75 per cent of users consulting social media before making a purchase, you’re risking a lot by having this done incorrectly or not at all.

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