Twitter has launched an interesting new app to make the site easier to navigate for businesses.

Dashboard, which is available for both the Web and iOS (although sadly, as it stands, not Android), places a number of new tools at the disposal of those companies using the social media site.

There is now the ability to schedule Tweets using a built-in calendar – an option which had previously been limited to those who used separate programmes such as Hootsuite.

Businesses will also be able to make use of a specially tailored feed which can collate tweets relating to their organisation.

While Twitter users can already go to their @mentions tab to see all the occasions where someone has directly referred to them, this new tool allows firms to widen the net further, finding tweets about related products or questions which your business may be able to help with. This offers valuable new opportunities for engaging with potential clients.

The great thing is that business owners can set the filters themselves, choosing the words and hashtags that they want to hone in on.

Other features of Dashboard include a one-to-one messaging service, an overview of your performance and even handy suggestions for how you can make best use of the site to interact with potential customers and business contacts.

Twitter bosses will no doubt hope that the app will provide a service which is geared more towards the needs of businesses rather than the user-base as a whole.

That said, while many of the features are likely to make life easier for companies, Dashboard doesn’t diminish the importance of getting the basics right.

If you want to build a good base on one of the world’s biggest platforms you still need to make sure you post quality content, that you have optimised your profile and continue to keep your audience updated.

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