At the start of the year, many social media specialists predicted that platforms would be placing an increased emphasis on video over the course of the next 12 months.

A little over a quarter of the way through 2017 and one of the first big changes has indeed turned out to be video-related, with Twitter making it easier for companies to post live video.

Media organisations and advertisers will be able to stream footage directly to the site using professional cameras.

In a blog post outlining the changes, Twitter said: “From GoPro cameras and drones to 360 cameras and other external sources, we are passionate about giving people the tools they need to create compelling, interactive live videos.”

It’s certainly true that this equipment they’re alluding to is likely to be rather beyond the average camera phone user, who already had the option of video uploads using a mobile app.

But if nothing else it shows the direction of travel that Twitter is taking, with a clear bid to make up ground on Facebook – which has placed an increasing emphasis on video posts.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Mark Zuckerberg’s empire was itself persuaded to launch Facebook Live in a response to the phenomenal popularity of YouTube.

What has become clear is that, compared with ten years ago, social media outlets are motivated less by what makes them distinctive and more with the tools they know are proving popular with users.

And with more and more options available, there’s no reason why your business might not want to experiment with video at some point in the months ahead.

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