If your business has been on Twitter for a year or two you might be wondering how your company is coping with the cut and thrust of social media.

There are sometimes clear indications of how well you’re doing. If the number of Twitter followers is on the increase and people are retweeting regularly, then it’s fair to say that things are moving in the right direction.

But it can be more difficult to tell if you’re meeting the goals that you may have had at the back of your mind when you first set a profile up.

How many people picked up on your attempts to promote a company seminar? Are you building an audience locally?

There are some fairly laborious ways of trying to piece together evidence; trawling your timeline to count the number of times a particular tweet has been favourited is going to take a bit of time.

In actual fact it’s rather easier to access the statistics once you’re familiar with Twitter Analytics.

Tap these two words into Google and it’ll bring you to a site with the option to enter your Twitter log-in details.

Doing this will call up a vast array of information about your account, which will hopefully go some way to answering some of the questions you might have.

The dashboard will give details including what parts of the country your followers are from, which of your tweets has generated the most interest and how your number of followers has grown over time.

Suddenly your activity isn’t quite so opaque and checking back regularly should make it far easier to work out where you’re succeeding and where your business could do a bit more work.

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